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Tips to become a pro at online shopping in India

Online shopping offers a plethora of benefits to its customers. Right from offering comfort to cutting down the waiting lines and all the chaos of getting to a shopping destination, the online shopping brings numerable benefits to the table. But to master the art of online shopping, you need to have the skills of a pro. So how do you ace at online shopping in India? Here we pen down a few things to take care of while shopping online:

Be ready for a bit of change

A color that looks dark in the catalog may not be the exact same when it appears right in front of your eyes. Shopping online and shopping at a traditional store definitely has some difference. And, thus you should be ready to expect minor variations and slight changes compared to what you saw at the portal. Especially when it comes to colors, the original hues may vary a bit, and you may feel disappointed to get the same. Thus, rather than being disappointed at the last point in time, prepare your mind to be flexible enough to adapt to slight variations.

Know your body measurements

Another vital point to shop like a pro is to know your body measurements inside out. Sizes can vary based on different brands and products. And, while shopping online, you do not get to have a trial of the apparel you pick up until you receive it at your doorsteps. Hence, receiving your package and trying it on just to find out that you got the wrong size can be a total mood spoiler. Therefore, to cut such fuss, make sure that you measure your body in all angles and take note of the same to purchase dresses that can actually fit you.

Keep a note

An XL dress that fits you accurately of a particular brand may not fit the same in the case of a different brand. Hence if you are a regular customer of the same brands, make sure that you keep a note of the size variations and accordingly pick on apparels that can fit you to avoid unnecessary chaos and return/exchange requests. Noting such things can make your online shopping in India easy breezy and a lot more convenient.

Read every detail

When you are out for online shopping in India on any of the shopping platforms, all you get to see is a few pictures of the product and the description. You cannot touch and feel the fabrics while shopping online. Thus, you should read every minute detail that is written in the context of the particular product that you are planning to buy. This can help you in making a purchase decision and also save you from buying the wrong things.

Double-check your cart during exit

Do not shy off to make changes in your cart while pursuing online shopping in India. While you add or remove products while ordering online, you are not simply spreading clothes here and there and making it a big task for the shop assistant, so you need not regret the same. Sometimes sales and men’s t-shirt combo offer may allure you but think wisely before making a purchase.

Before the exit process, check and double-check your goodies so that you do not buy anything that is not required and end up requesting a return pick up. Ask yourselves a few questions as to will you wear what you are buying? Are you seriously in need of the stuff that you are buying? Is it worth a purchase? Only when you get the answers as a ‘yes’, proceed ahead to make the final payments and check out. 

Do not return every time

Just because you have the option to exchange and return, you should not always opt for a return if the size is a little bigger than your actual size. On the contrary, a small size dress may call in for a sure-shot return or exchange, but with a big-sized dress, you have the option of hitting the nearest boutique.

Though it’s purely a personal preference as a pro, you can make friends with a nearby tailor and get your clothes to fit you rather than sending them back and waiting all over again to receive your new package. Also, there might be chances that the clothes that you are picking up may not have a size that exactly fits you; thus, a tailor can help you in such a case so that you do not have to compromise on your choice.


These were a few tips that can help you shop like a pro during online shopping in India. So what are you waiting for? The online shopping world waits for you with open hands to explore its stuff. Get started and shop till you drop!

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