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4 Tips To Care For Your Horses

Horses are one of the most loved animals around the world. Many people love to keep horses as pets for horseback riding, playing polo, and many more. Horses are not only friendly animals but are extremely loyal to their masters, just like dogs. This makes them even more lovable.

However, horses require expensive upkeep. Their shelter, food, water, and other necessities should be top-notch. There should be no compromise on the quality of food and water.

If you are an owner of beautiful horses, then here are four tips for you to help you take care of your horses in the best way possible.

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1. Feed Them Properly

Horses need to be fed properly to ensure proper growth and health. Refill the hay baskets every morning and again in the evening. Make sure that your horses are eating enough. If you notice any change in their feeding pattern, make an appointment with a vet.  If your horses are getting weak for some reason, look here for weight gain horse feed. Your horses must maintain a healthy weight. Weak horses may get old before time and lose energy to remain active.

2. Keep Their Water Clean

Make sure that your horses are drinking enough water. Dehydration may make them lethargic and even become life-threatening.  Keep their water tanks filled with water. Refill water tanks every morning and evening. Be extra cautious with water as water-borne diseases can make your horses sick. Make sure you are giving fresh and clean water to your horses. Clean water tanks regularly to ensure no molds are growing at the walls of the tank. Just like humans, horses have sensitive stomachs. If they are given dirty and unclean water, they may get sick and weak.

3. Put Fresh Bedding Regularly

Clean your horse’s living space every day. Make sure there is no excretion in their stable. Dirty places may make horses anxious. Therefore, keep their place clean and tidy. Replace the bedding regularly with a fresh one. Make sure there are no insects and other dangerous species in their living space. Snake bites can kill your horse. Make sure that there are no snakes, scorpions, and other venomous animals in and around their living place.

4. Keep Stables At Constant Temperature

The Temperature of the stable should remain comfortably normal. If it is snowing outside make sure you provide a heating facility to your horses. Extreme weather conditions can affect the health and overall mood of your horses. Therefore, make sure you invest in a temperature control system for the stables. Hot summer days can make your horses lethargic. Keep them hydrated and ventilated during summers. Keeping a constant temperature in stables is very important for the health of your horses. Invest in providing a quality living facility for your horses.


Horses are the best animals you can keep as a pet. They are very friendly and remain loyal to their masters throughout their life. If you are an owner of a horse, then it is your responsibility to maintain the good health and shape of your horse. Keep them well-fed and hydrated. Make sure their stables are safe and provide a comfortable temperature for their living space.

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