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Top Tips to Stay in Contact with Long Distance Loved Ones

If your family and close friends are spread out across the globe, it can be challenging to stay in regular contact. Perhaps your children have flown the nest for the first time and are hundreds of miles away at a college campus. Maybe your elderly parents live in a different country, and you need to find intelligent ways to stay connected and avoid costly phone bills. Whatever the situation, there are smart ways to stay in contact and keep maintaining your precious relationships. Here are just a few ways to do so.

Stay in touch with your child at college

If your children are embarking on their first steps into self-dependence and have left home to start college, regular contact is vital for all parents. It is obvious that you will want to be sure that they are looking after themselves and doing well with their studies while having an enjoyable social life. While teenagers can be notoriously difficult to pin down for a regular catchup conversation, an effective way to stay in contact is by video call on their laptop. College students computers are modern and powerful enough to easily manage video calls, and as most parents know, their laptop is one of the pieces of tech that they really take care of (unlike the multitude of college students with broken or misplaced mobile phones!). It is likely that they will have video conferencing applications like Skype on their laptops, so ensure you have a similar app on your device before they go to college. Check-in with them once a week and keep the parental bond going face to face.

Connect with elderly relatives

If your parents or close relatives are elderly, it is likely that they will not be as tech-savvy as younger generations. They may not be as competent in using modern smartphones and may not use a computer or laptop regularly. In such circumstances, you can leverage modern technology to assist in staying in contact. Smart display devices such as the Amazon Alexa Show range are voice-activated and can make and receive video calls with other Alexa Show devices. Such devices offer a wonderful way to stay connected and are easy to install and operate. Just bear in mind that if your loved ones are very elderly, you may need to set up the device for them and show them how to operate it. 

Stay in touch with your partner 

If your partner needs to travel often in their working world, it can be difficult to meaningfully connect on a regular basis. Of course, text messaging is quick and easy, but it is not the most romantic method to communicate by phone. To keep the personal touch in your relationship, it makes sense to not just send words. Try to get in the habit of sending video message clips to each other so you can see each other when you are apart, and time is at a premium. Alternatively, a simple voice message via your text app is more effective than simple words to keep your romantic bond strong. 

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