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Training Courses in Dubai

If you’re looking for Training Courses in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. Short courses in a variety of fields can help you advance your career in the city. From customer service to emotional intelligence, finance to office management, you can find a course to fit your needs. There are also short courses in HR, marketing, sales, leadership, and more. Choosing the right course is critical to your professional success.

Atton Institute

The Atton Institute is a world-class educational organization offering professional development training courses in Dubai. Founded in 1990, it has been helping individuals and organizations achieve their professional goals since then. Its training courses cover many industries and provide students with the skills to succeed Certified Training Courses in Dubai. The Atton Institute has been serving the needs of business professionals for over two decades, and its highly regarded programs are widely recognized by business professionals and executives alike.

The Atton Institute in Dubai offers a wide range of training courses for a variety of industries. The company’s courses are focused on developing general and soft skills, as well as networking and new ideas. Public courses cost USD 4400. However, it is possible to qualify for early bird discounts of up to 3400 dollars if you register at least seventy days prior to the course start date. Early bird discounts are also available on certain courses, so you can qualify for discounts of up to 38%.


If you are considering taking a course in oil and gas, you might want to consider the training courses offered by PetroKnowledge. These training courses are designed by industry experts to give you the necessary knowledge and skills you need to succeed. Designed by ISO 29990:2010-certified trainers, these courses are offered to a diverse range of students. They also feature an emphasis on delivering timely content. Listed below are some of the course topics offered by PetroKnowledge.

For those who are seeking oil and gas courses in Dubai, PetroKnowledge is a reputable training company that provides quality education for professionals working in the oil and gas industry. Located in the United Arab Emirates, the company provides training to professionals in the oil and gas industry. Its courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who are dedicated to making their students successful. You can also find PetroKnowledge training courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other locations throughout the world.

Meirc Training & Consulting

Meirc Training & Consulting offers several training courses in Dubai. Its Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP) course provides training in effective customer service techniques, effective communication with customers, and tools to measure and improve the level of service. The course includes a Meirc Professional Certificate to add to the regular certificate of attendance. The company offers classes at multiple locations in Dubai, including the West Bay, Deira, and Al Khail.

Meirc is an independent multinational training company that has been helping regional companies develop their human capital. Founded in 1958, Meirc has helped numerous companies in the region develop and enhance their human capital. They’ve partnered with a local company, PLUS Specialty Training, to provide the best training services possible in the Middle East. For more information on their training courses, please visit

HNI Training and Coaching

If you are looking for professional training and development solutions, then look no further than HNI Training and Coaching in Dubai. Their training programs cover all areas of business, from management to sales. Courses at HNI are offered in Arabic and English, and cover areas such as leadership and management, customer service, emotional intelligence, and Microsoft Office. Taking these courses can improve your professional career and your personal life. There are also various courses for children, including self-esteem and confidence building.

Training courses vary in length and focus on a variety of topics. They may include economics, business management, time management, team building, and more. You will also find training in Microsoft office, 3ds Max, and Microsoft MCSE. In addition to learning about leadership and management, you will also learn about communication skills, which are crucial for success in the office. This will enable you to communicate effectively with colleagues and other employees.

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