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Traveling Tip: Everything to know before traveling with Kratom

Traveling has its own rules about what you should carry with you and what you should not. But it becomes a bit more complicated when kratom comes in this scenario. Recently, kratom tea has become very popular all over the world as a multi-beneficial herbal beverage.

Many people find kratom very helpful in balancing their bodies, improving their wellbeing, and supporting big smiles. Kratom is also brilliant in energizing and clearing your mind. So, you may feel the need to carry kratom with you when you travel for work or just for vacation. But therein lies the problem as kratom is not legal in some countries, such as Australia.

The major reason behind such prejudice against kratom is probably because it is a strong herb that has multiple, magical benefits but high servings may make other medications work differently. That does not necessarily mean that the herb is bad in itself. Rather its effects depend on heavy and long-term use, coupled with what else you have in your body.

So, you should be very careful if you are thinking of traveling with your favorite kratom beverage, or you want to show its benefits to your friends living abroad as kratom. Here we have a complete guide about how you can travel with kratom responsibly, so keep reading.

Kratom – What is it?

The scientific name of kratom is Mitragyna speciosa. This tree leaf is widely available in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia, etc. Kratom is usually available in three different strains – white, green, and red.

Kratom strains are well known for their energy-boosting properties. Different levels of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in kratom may affect how energizing the tea is. Kratom strains are popular in the market as they are multi-beneficial. It is easily available online and can be taken in various ways like brewing in tea, mixing in beverages and capsules, etc.

Is kratom problematic?


The only problem with traveling with kratom is its legality. While it is legal and also popular in many countries, some places are still not sure about its use and effects. Many reputed and trustworthy ethnobotanical companies sell kratom and they do this through extensive social and popular media advertisements. And kratom users argue that the herb is safe and helpful in various ways.

But some countries have put a ban on kratom as they regarded kratom as very harmful, notwithstanding the evidence to the contrary. 

Secondly, laws about kratom in various countries are very complicated and confusing. While in some countries it is legal to sell and possess kratom, other countries find it harmful and its possession is deemed as a punishable crime. So always check the legality of kratom at your place before moving ahead with it.

Then, there are other places where laws about kratom are not clear. They may prohibit the sale, but allow for possession and consumption. So, you should keep in mind these scenarios while considering traveling with kratom. 

Things to keep in mind while traveling with kratom


In the context of chaotic understanding and laws about kratom in different places, here is a list you should check before you take kratom with you while traveling to avoid any unpleasant legal situation:

  1. Check rules

The most important thing to remember while traveling with kratom is reading about laws related to kratom. You should read both the state and international laws about kratom to know if the herb is legal in the place you are going to visit.

But what is more problematic here is that these rules are not static but are always changing. And that is why it is important to keep yourself updated with these changing laws on kratom. In the U.S kratom is federally legal, but there are states like Vermont and Alabama where the herb is illegal. While other countries like Finland and Australia find kratom harmful and banned its use.

2. Prepare for questions

You may find it easier to take kratom with you to a different place if the security is well aware of its usage and characteristics. But if they are not sure about kratom they may ask you many questions and can even search your bag further. 

So, it is wise to answer their queries clearly and promptly without getting panicked. The best way is to make them understand that you are using the herb with legal precautions.

3. Keep kratom in checked-in luggage


There are no specific guidelines for traveling with kratom. And many people face trouble while traveling with this herb. Many people confuse this herb with illegal drugs. So you should always keep kratom in the carry-on luggage, especially during traveling in the airways, so you can explain that it is not suspicious. Also, keep kratom at the top of the packing so it gets easier to notice. Henceforth, do not try to do anything that can evoke suspicion among the security. 

4. Make yourself ready

Always remember that when you are carrying kratom you may face thousands of questions from security. If your security personnel do know about the herb is you are lucky. But that is not always going to happen. So always prepare yourself for the question. As they can ask you for a prescription and about the legality you should answer straight. Also do not hide or mislead them and do not stammer or show you are fearful as this can lead to more inquiries.

Do not take it if you still have doubts. You should also remember that traveling with kratom is a bit problematic and thus you have to face some questions. So, you should take it with you while traveling if you do not feel confident about the process.


Kratom is not legal in a few places. And laws and regulations related to this herb change, and so does how to travel with it. Make sure you are well aware of the local laws for kratom before taking it with you. Also, take all the above-mentioned facts into account to be well prepared. Do thorough background research about the product you are carrying. As this can make your journey smooth with kratom.

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