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Tree removal cost in Australia

Well personally and even socially no one prefers the cutting of trees. It’s our social responsibility to grow and preserve trees. But no matter how much you follow these social responsibilities, one way or the other; whether it’s about building an office or a home or even many other situations arise when you need to remove the trees from your property or a place.

Tree removal costs vary from city to city and country to country, sometimes depending on how much the person wants to take etc. but as we are generally concerned about the average tree removal cost in Australia, here we will discuss the same thing and then different factors which can affect the cost.

Some of the main factors affecting the raise or fall in the tree removal cost include;

  • Tree species.
  • Tree size.
  • Condition of the tree.
  • Safety factors etc.

Tree Species;

It has been considered as one of the most important factors in the cost of tree removal. Because every species is different, predicting how difficult it would be to cut it. Also about climbing wood chipping and transport, all these things are affected by the specie of the tree. As one of the arborist says;

“Every tree is different, a conifer is going to have 15 branches every meter whereas a gum tree is going to have one branch every five meters.”

As it depends on the tree species such as; Data palms and coral bean trees are considered to be expensive removal. The trees with spikes also cost more than others because there is difficulty in climbing and also the possibility of getting injured.

Tree size;

Size of the tree is also one of the most important factors deciding how much time it will take and how laborious it would be. As an arborist says;

“Everything’s bigger, there’s more of everything: so there’s more timber to cut, more waste to remove, more stump to get rid of, more branches to cut, more of everything,”

Average cost according to size ranges from;

  • Small trees (up to 10 meters): $300 – $3,000
  • Medium trees (10 – 20 meters): $500 – $4,000
  • Large trees (above 20 meters): $1,200 – $20,000

Condition of the tree;

One of the other factors contributing to the cost of a tree removal is in which condition it’s been. Spending upon how risky it would be to climb and remove it.

“Every single tree is different, every single tree has issues,”

As if the tree which is about to being removed is not in a well condition whether it’s be due to their age or any other factor so it’s risky to climb them and sometimes they have been with storm damage and infestation.

Safety factors;

As we can ever compromise on our safety, it’s been considered as one of the important factors in the job. As a tree specialist says;

“If you’re climbing a species which is notoriously unsafe and dangerous then the price changes, you’re pushing yourself harder to climb to further distances and you’re tying in on points that are not as safe and not as strong, so you’ve got to set up second life lines and all sorts of safety measures.”

So in order to not risk about safety you need to follow many safety precautions and also need more equipment which adds to the more expenses such as;

  • safety lines
  • Extra crew members
  • Elevated work platforms
  • Traffic management
  • Cherry pickers
  • Cranes Extra 
  • Electricity shutdowns.

So we cannot consider it as easy to do. It requires great hard work so you need to be well managed and well equipped. It’s also somewhat risky and therefore sometimes it costs more depending upon the number of factors given above.

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