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Trusted Wholesale Mens Clothing Vendors

If you are looking to buy wholesale clothes for mens at wholesale7 you have all kinds of garments. We are exclusive vendors of national clothing in youth, sportswear, streetwear, jeans and many more.
We anticipate seasonal trends and adapt them to the current lifestyle, being supplier or vendors of wholesale mens clothing at the best quality and price. Comfortable, quality designs, both for mens and women, with a taste for fashion and with their own personality.

For more than 20 years, each season we have offered several annual wholesale men’s and women’s fashion collections, of the highest quality and at very reasonable prices for wholesalers, professionals and fashion stores.Our wholesale clothing collections dress current, modern and cosmopolitan men and women with a personality that they show in their wardrobe and daily wardrobe, from the most elegant shirts, blouses or polo shirts to the most every day, such as sportswear, tracksuits or t-shirts and wholesale bathing suits with original and personalized styles which makes us leaders in clothing wholesalers in China

Well-known suppliers in the market!

We are fully experienced, professional and trusted wholesale fashion suppliers. Get to know our extensive wholesale catalog of women’s and men’s clothing, taking advantage of our special discounts on wholesale fashion.

Our design process offers better quality; therefore, we work faster and at more competitive prices. We have a team of our own designers who transmit the demands of the market to the collections, so we will respond 100% to your wholesale purchase.

Our collections are presented by themes and categories, completing the entire range of garments that customers demand of us, which makes us number 1 within the wholesale companies and manufacturers in China.

The high-quality standards that characterize us mean that we have been chosen as one of the main clothing wholesalers. 

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