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TweakVIP: 10 Best Modded Premium Apps For iOS and Android Devices

We review the best 10 premium app mods from TweakVIP – a feature-rich website that offers hundreds of apps to tweak your Android/iOS phone.

Our mobile phones come with a lot of preloaded apps that solve most of our regular problems such as sending emails, watching videos, and making phone calls. Thanks to Apps Store and Play Store by Apple and Google respectively, we can download more apps from the internet for specific purposes, too.

However, there is a rare breed of us tech enthusiasts who like to go the extra mile and see what our phones are capable of when pushed to their limits. To do that, we enthusiasts download apps to tweak our phone’s default settings; some apps can even mod the default apps and add more features to the original one.

In this article, we will review the best 10 apps by TweakVIP that you can download for free here on paper, you’d have to pay a subscription fee, and we’ll be explaining their features as well, so keep tight and keep reading to Tweak your phone.

Before we reveal those apps, let’s tell you a little bit about TweakVIP and how this website has been dominating the Modded-apps market on the internet.


What is TweakVIP?

TweakVIP is an online third-party app store containing a vast library of modded apps, especially modded versions of premium apps that you cannot use otherwise without paying for their subscriptions.

What’s best about TweakVIP is that you can download all these apps for free, without even having to sign up or put in your details.

Best Modded (Premium) Apps by TweakVIP

Now that we know how awesome the website is in terms of providing modded and tweaked apps, let’s explore the best ones so you can install them on your phone right now and start flexing with your friends.

Subway Surfers Mod

The Subway Surfers Mod by TweakVIP is one of the most downloaded apps by Android and iOS users because it enables you to have unlimited coins, keys, and boosts to unlock anything there is in the game.

Spotify Premium++

Have you ever wanted to get Spotify Premium for free? Tweak VIP has an offer for you as you can download their modded version that lets you enjoy all the premium features such as download, no ads, and much more, for free.

YouTube Premium App

Just like Spotify, everyone is annoyed to see unnecessary ads at the start of each video so Tweak VIP brought a solution – the YouTube Premium App – that offers all the premium features for free. Now, you can download all the best videos and watch them all without spending anything on buying the premium membership.


Everyone uses Snapchat nowadays, but most of them want the photo-sharing app’s premium features without paying anything. TweakVIP heard the masses and finally released the SnapChat+ app where we can enjoy all of the original Snapchat features for free. The modded version is available for both Android & iOS.

Apple Watch App for Android

Have you ever wanted to use an Apple Watch on your Android device? Apple doesn’t let you do that because of its iOS-exclusive features. TweakVIP has defied Apple and created an app that can not only connect but use most of the Apple Watch’s features on any Android device.

You can download this app and start using your Apple Watch on your phone (Android).

iOS 15 to 14 Downgrader App

If you ever want to downgrade your iOS version to 15, or even 14, this app will let you do that easily. You don’t have to watch long videos on YouTube, just download this and follow the instructions to downgrade to the iOS version of your choice.

This app is only available for iOS users because it serves no purpose at all on Android devices.

iSpy Pro

Ever wanted to spy on someone’s phone without having to let them know that you’re stalking their personal information? iSpy Pro by TweakVIP is just the app for you because now, you can “hack” someone without even knowing their credentials. Just install the app and start sniffing.

(we never recommend breaching anyone’s privacy – please use it for educational purposes only)

BIGO Live Diamonds

After the huge success of Omegle, Bigo is the next platform where strangers can talk to each other randomly on the internet. TweakVIP tweaked this app and now you can enjoy unlimited diamonds that allow you to unlock tons of premium features. 

With diamonds offered by the new modded version, you enjoy tons of premium benefits for free and tons of features.

Tinder Gold

On the list of the best modded premium apps by TweakVIP, Tinder Gold is one of the most useful ones because getting premium features on Tinder not only gives you more points but your chances of finding a partner also increase.


Such kinds of apps are used mostly used by those who want to spoof their GPS location. For example, if you want to show someone that you’re currently in London while in reality, you’re in India, you can use this app to spoof your own GPS location.

It is also possible to spoof your phone’s GPS location to the existing apps in your phone, for whatever reason possible.

Final Words

TweakVIP provides its users with the best premium and modded apps that they don’t have to go anywhere else at all. Even though its app library isn’t that big when it comes to Apple and Google’s collection of apps, what the website is good at is its choice of apps.

Do keep in mind that you’ll be using these apps at your own risk. The developers are working day and night to keep these apps running but Google doesn’t like giving free stuff to everyone, but TweakVIP wants everyone to use premium features for free.

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