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Types of Women’s Fashion Hats

Hats are one of those accessories that offer more than an edge to the outfit. In fact, hats can offer protection from the sun, too and keep one’s hair protected from dust pollution.

Moreover, hats are of so many different types. Certain cultures and religions may also have their own version of a hat. In addition, specific brands have created hats that have left a mark on the fashion industry, such as the Eric Javits straw hats.

It is a massive industry growing at a rate of 6.53% CAGR. Here are five of the hundreds of the most popular women’s hats.


1.    Bucket hats

Bucket hats feature a downward-sloping brim. They offer sun and rain protection and are highly popular with farmers and fishermen. They were made famous by their use in the US Military during the Vietnam War. Originally known as an Irish Walking hat, it is currently a major craze among the younger generation of K-pop and mainstream pop music lovers, having been featured in many mainstream media.

2.    Russian hats

Russian hats are classified into two categories. The Shapka Ushanka includes two flaps that can be tied under the chin or attached to the top. It lacks a brim or a crown. Cossack Hats, on the other hand, may or may not include ear flaps. It also consists of a thick fur cuff towards the bottom and a towering crown. Moreover, women’s Cossack hats are embellished with a brooch to highlight the fur.

3.    Floppy hats

The wide-brim floppy hat provides excellent sun protection. Furthermore, it is quite versatile. One can wear it with a bathing suit. However, individuals may also wear them to the derby with heels and a dress. The floppy hat, which is often made of straw but may also be made of different materials such as polyester and wool, is a must-have accessory for the summer.

4.    Fascinators or European Hats

Hats are often part of the dress code for ceremonial occasions such as weddings or baptisms in England and numerous other European countries. Fascinators are hats without a brim or crown, generally 4 inches or less in diameter. These are mainly ornamental pieces. They are embellished with flowers, feathers, or beads and match the wearer’s attire to complete the look.

5.    Fedoras

Fedoras have a broad brim, a pinched crown, and a ribbon. An actual fedora is traditionally crafted from felt or wool. However, modern fedoras are commonly made of straw and paper to satisfy growing demands for sun protection while keeping the fedora form.

Many people confuse Panama hats and fedoras, even though they are two completely different hats. The main distinction is that Fedoras are made of wool and Panamas of Toquilla straws.


Over the years, a plethora of styles has come and gone. However, these are some that can be seen on runways and streets alike today. In fact, many of the hats listed in this article have stood the test of time. Regardless of their age and the evolution of their utility over the years, hats have continued to be incredibly useful accessories.

So whether it’s fedoras, fascinators or Eric Javits straw hats, there’s something for everyone in every part of the world. If someone can’t find their perfect fit, they can simply visit a clothing store and receive some professional recommendations to buy one.

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