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Dealing With Understaffing at Work? You May Be at Greater Risk of an Injury

Those working in retail, food service, education, healthcare, and manufacturing are all affected by staffing shortages. Pandemic-related restrictions and lockdowns have led to what some call ‘The Great Resignation’, forcing remaining workers to take on additional responsibilities and stress. When employees are overburdened and overworked, they’re more likely to make mistakes that lead to accidents, injuries, and workers’ compensation claims. Here, we will discuss the risks of workplace understaffing.


Frequent Errors

As workers are stretched thin, responsibility gaps and overtiredness may lead to more frequent errors. With the shortage of workers, some are doing jobs they were never trained to do, while others are simply cutting corners to get things done faster. When employees take shortcuts because they are pressed for time, they’re more likely to make serious mistakes. If you’ve asked, “How can I find a workers compensation lawyer near me”, we can help. Call our offices today.

Lapses in Security and Safety

Doing dangerous work requires inspections, supervision, adherence to OSHA guidelines, and most importantly, time. A too-small workforce may skip one or more of these steps, putting themselves, customers, and visitors in danger. If you are part of an overextended workforce that’s skipping steps, on-the-job injuries are more likely.

Dissatisfied Customers

When there aren’t enough workers, customers wait longer and don’t receive the personalized service they’ve come to expect. Today’s consumers look for instant gratification, and some lash out when they don’t get it. Workplace violence is a threat to employee safety, and the current labor shortage has led to a reduction in security forces that once provided protection.

Frequent Accidents

As the few remaining workers rush to bridge gaps, corner-cutting, exhaustion, and stress create the perfect scenario for on-the-job accidents and injuries. If such an incident leaves you injured and out of the workforce, it may be possible to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Workers’ Compensation Provides No-Fault Coverage

When injuries occur due to labor shortages, finger-pointing between employers and workers is common. It doesn’t matter why an accident happened because workers’ compensation covers an injured employee’s medical bills and lost wages regardless. In these tough times, many employers are looking for ways to cut costs—leading some to encourage workers not to file claims. That, however, is inexcusable.

Worker’s Comp Covers Temporary and Part-Time Employees

A common misconception among employers and crew members is that workers’ compensation only covers permanent, full-time employees. This isn’t the case, thankfully. If you are hurt on the job, it’s possible to file a workers’ compensation claim in Ohio.

Contact an Attorney for Answers to Important Questions

Most workers’ compensation claims go smoothly, and employees get the benefits needed to recover after an on-the-job injury in an understaffed workplace. When things go wrong, though, it may be necessary to seek legal advice. At our firm, we will do what it takes to protect employees’ rights and get them the benefits they deserve. We’ll listen, even when others don’t. Request additional information online or call today to schedule a consultation with a workers’ compensation attorney.

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