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Update on DMX: DMX (father of 15) Died Last Year After a Heart Attack

Breaking News: The rapper DMX has died as he was on life support after suffering from a cardiac arrest. His family has confirmed his death – the rapper was 50 at the time of his demise.

DMX, full name Earl Simmons, suffered from a cardiac arrest out of nowhere are was put on life support for a week or so. His family later made a statement that Earl Simmons has died at the age of fifty. He was hospitalized in New York after his condition got worse at home.

The above-mentioned information was given to the media by the late rapper’s longtime attorney Murray Richman. 


Update on DMX, When Did DMX Die?

The news about DMX’s death isn’t new at all. The rapper died on April 9th, 2021, in a hospital in White Plains, New York. He suffered from multiple heart attacks on April 2nd and died after a week. The hospital formally stated the cause of death as “catastrophic heart arrest.” He has a nice, loving family who was deeply sad after his death.

The Real Reason Why DMX Died

Everyone in the media knows that he died of a heart attack, but the real reason for the heart attack is an overdose. According to doctors, DMX had a severe overdose that caused him to suffer from three heart attacks.

The Real Reason Why DMX Died
Image Source: Guelph Today

At first, no one would believe these overdose rumors but his manager Steve Rifkind confirmed it and helped the doctors as much as he could. The doctors did everything they could to save the hip-hop star but after doing many tests on his brain activity, it was discovered that his chances of survival were quite thin.

DMX and Substance Abuse, Update on DMX

His lawyer did confirm the cause of death with the public but didn’t make any comment about the cause of the cardiac arrests. Later on, when the doctors released initial reports of his medical conditions, it was found that DMX had overdosed on narcotics which resulted in his inevitable death.

It was no surprise for the friends and family as the rapper had been struggling with substance abuse for a long time. The rapper was unable to perform at a series of concerts in 2019 due to a need for treatment at a rehabilitation center.

DMX – The Love of His Family

The story about DMX’s death, when seen from the eyes of his family, is saddening as the rapper was in a coma for about a week, after suffering from three heart attacks. As soon as the rapper suffered a cardiac arrest, he was taken to the hospital where he was put on life support by doctors.

Even after the doctors’ constant struggle to improve his health, the rapper wasn’t showing any signs of recovery at all. The family then asked the doctors to remove him from life support and they brought him back home, where he left the world.

DMX’s Personal Issues Before His Death

Apart from narcotics, the rapper was really struggling with life. He was actually in deep debt before he died. As mentioned earlier, he had to cancel some of his shows to attend his rehab sessions. 

DMX Children and Inheritance

When it comes to his personal life and family, DMX was the father to 15 children with 9 different mothers. Just one month after the rapper’s death, out of the 15 children he had, the five adult ones filed a petition in the Westchester County court to get their father’s inheritance.

One thing we need to address before we move forward is that DMX never married any of his children’s mothers. His other children also signed the petition and submitted their application to the court on May 10th, 2021.

The court decision hasn’t come out yet but according to New York state law, DMX’s inheritance will be divided among the children nevertheless. Since DMX was in debt to the IRS, the debt will be deducted from his inheritance before being divided among the children.

DMX Net Worth

When he died, DMX was worth $1 million, according to close friends and family. Apart from that, his shares in records and publishing royalties were worth more than $17 million, totaling around $20 million in his net worth.

All this money will be divided among his 15 children. But there’s a twist:

An Unknown Girl Claiming to be DMX’s Daughter

Right when his 15 children are waiting for their father’s inheritance, there’s a girl claiming to be DMX’s 16th child. Her name is Raven Barmer-Simmons, and she’s claiming that she is DMX’s 16 child and she deserves to get hands on his “father” inheritance as well. 

According to the court, there will be some procedures such as paternity and sibling tests to prove if she’s the legit daughter of the rapper. The court has also ordered her to go through a DNA test to prove that she’s his daughter.

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