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What Flower Arrangement Should You Send Your New Crush?

When you have a crush, you are not yet in a relationship with the person. Therefore, you need to make your moves extra carefully to get them to look your way. One of the ideas you may think of is sending flowers to your crush. It would help if you found the right arrangement to show the person how much they mean to you genuinely. You also don’t want to overplay your position with them to get it right. Here are some of the arrangements you should send your crush. 


When looking for a romantic idea for a flower arrangement, you want to look at this flower. They are considered, in most places, as the symbol of romance. And you can use them if you’re going to make a move on your crush. The flower comes in different shades, and each shade has a different meaning. For example, purple shows beauty, red shows love, and pink shows endearment. You can use them all in one arrangement to make your intentions clear to your crush. 


If you want to show deep love and affection for anyone, you need to send them roses. No other flower arrangement shows affection and love other than roses. Your crush will not, in any way, try to misinterpret the sign you’re trying to send with roses. Since there are different roses, red ones send the best message. Red roses will work even when you want to propose to your significant other too. You can also use them as a reminder to the ladies in your life – wife, daughter, mother, as a reminder of how much you love them. 


The next bunch of flowers that you can send a crush on is daisies, as they are pretty simple and elegant. They also show much affection when used for a suitable event. Sending them to your crush will show them affection, love, and care in equal measure. The daisies are also a great idea for crushes as they show desire -and your crush will undoubtedly appreciate being desired. If you are in a relationship, you can also present the flowers to show love to your better half. 


If you are looking for some sense of elegance in the flower you want to send to your crush, you need to look at tulips. With tulips, you have something different than all the other options available here – they state perfect love. So if you are getting to the point of proposing love to your crush, you can use them. Different color shades of tulips will give you a different feel regardless, and you can have all the shades on the arrangement. 


There’s a reason why lilacs are mostly known as lovable lilacs. With their violet shade, they bring in a different sense of love to your crush. If you are still in the infant stages of any relationship, these are the perfect flowers – you can send them to a crush too. They represent the first pangs of love and will do well to make you noticeable by your crush. 

Get Her Something 

There are several flower arrangements that you can present to your crush. You don’t need to buy these specifically; heck, you can pull some flowers out of a neighbor’s flower bed or buy a pot of fake orchids; whatever you decide to do, get her something! This first step could be the catalyst of something special, so don’t waste time thinking too much about it, get the girl some flowers!

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