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What Is Rank Tracker Tool?

Today, companies can’t be successful without online marketing and promotion. It is also important to understand your competitors. Depending on their position in searching engines, websites bring more conversion. The rank tracker tool is a great option to understand the position of your website. It lets you compare your website’s position on PC and mobile apps. It is important to see the position in different search engines. For example, SpySerp rank tracker is a SEO tool that can compare your competitors. It will also find important keywords for your website. Let’s look at why SpySerp is good SERP software.

  1. Results from many searching engines

SpySerp is the best rank tracker tool. It will get your website’s position in different searching engines. It lets you see the results in Google and Yandex. You will also see your position in Bing, Yahoo, and other engines. You can arrange the results depending on your local area, language, and other details.

  1. The best rank tracker to find appropriate keywords

SpySerp is a rank tracking tool that will also analyze your keywords. It will find the appropriate keywords for your website in different searching engines. There is a great option to group keywords depending on their type. For example, you can create selling and informational groups.

This will help you in creating useful clusters for your website’s content. You can download the report on keywords for free. In the Excel report, you will see all the necessary information about your groups. This can be their frequency and other parameters. So, the Google rank checker is a great tool to understand what content you need for your website.

  1. The tool increases conversion

The rank tracking tool lets you raise the conversion on your website. If you use the correct keywords, more people will see your product and buy it. The tool also will give you advice on how to improve your website’s technical features. You will find out what metadata and anchors you need for the pages. You will also create correct URLs and other links. This lets you raise the traffic and conversion.

How Does the Rank Tracker Tool Work?

To start checking your website’s position, you should fill in the form on SpySerp. First, fill in the keywords you need. Then you should choose the search engine most important for you. The searching engines differ depending on your local area. So, then you should state the area where you operate. You can see the TOP-10 and TOP-100 results. Then, choose where you want to see the position.

You may select to see the position on PC or mobile devices. Choose both features to compare your results. The position of your website can differ on different devices. So, it is important to have this information and change the position for the better. Make sure that your website works well on both PC and mobile devices. So, it will be easier to use for your customers. It is also important to compare your website with your competitors.

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