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What is the difference between Salesforce Lightning and classic?

Salesforce Field Service—one of the popular features of Salesforce—helps enterprises with complicated field service operations to provide better tools and visibility. And Salesforce Lightening and Classic is two of FSL versions of Salesforce.

So if you are stuck between these two versions of Salesforce, this blog is for you. Here we’ve discussed the difference between Salesforce Lightening and Classic to understand which one suits you the most.

Let’s get started.

Salesforce Lightening vs Classis: Know the Difference

Since businesses can continue using Salesforce Classic, for the time being, Lightning is continuing to enhance its expertise and transformation applications to the new operating system.

While Salesforce Classic seems relatively old-fashioned, the Lightning Experience has an upgraded UI emphasizing visual data display instead of text and numbers.

So, let’s compare Salesforce Classic and Lightning and the significant differences.

User Experience

The user interface is one of the most distinction between Salesforce Lightning and Classic. Lightening provides a superior user interface experience, including drag-and-drop functionality that may be performed without coding.

Hence, rather than engaging a Salesforce developer to construct or edit a Salesforce page, an admin can quickly rearrange the page components to their preference.

Moreover, Lightning reduces the demand for Visualforce for each activity. In Classic version, any code developed throughout development must be checked and then released.

The code need to return to the developer to fix, and restart if a bug is missed. These time-consuming activities can be avoided with the assistance of Salesforce Lightning.


Salesforce Lightning comes with improved security. For example, LockerService is a function that divides Lightning components so that they can connect. This helps to protect the platform against harmful data. There is no such feature in Classic mode.

Permissions function similarly in Salesforce Lightning. In-session, users cannot change their assurance levels, for example, from standard to high. They will have to sign out of the Lightning system and sign in again using greater assurance authentication.

Advanced platform

Lightning was first derided due to transition and compatibility concerns using objects,  apps, and custom code. But those days are long gone, and the platform has developed to accept custom metadata items, making it much easier for businesses to move their current applications and workloads without starting from scratch.

Lead Generation with Less Hassle

While Salesforce Classic allows you to generate leads, the Lightning Experience provides more features to assist you in managing sales processes more effectively.

For example, in Lightning mode, the Activity timeline enables users to determine what’s been accomplished for a single lead and displays the facts of each appointment, task, or call.

The Path component tracks the different phases of the business operations, while the News component provides timely updates on the leads.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As previously stated, Salesforce Lightning includes an artificial intelligence feature called Einstein that assists users through advanced analytics.

This software thoroughly scans your client data and creates its record, with hourly update. Einstein also provides its consumers with a realistic 3D experience to help them better comprehend its features and tools.

By monitoring all user experiences, Einstein develops accurate predictions about how your existing and potential consumers will behave in the future.

This component also assists you in making crucial marketing decisions by conducting detailed sales analytics. This also assists you in establishing vital sales projections and planning your marketing actions accordingly.

Personalization for Customers

Salesforce Lightning makes the customer personalization feature better than Salesforce Classic and automates and enhances it. Salesforce Lightning’s tools and platforms ensure that you deliver your potential customer what they want.

The user interface gives you a more graphically improved, entire sales funnel that can be cleansed of unresponsive prospects without human need. Thus, Lightning can help you grow your loyal customer base by treating each of them appropriately.

Final Verdict

After considering all the elements above, the final decision will undoubtedly be yours, as you are familiar with your organization’s business model and the long-term and short-term goals you intend to attain.

Though your team may be accustomed to Salesforce Classic, it is recommended that they transition to Lightning because it will undoubtedly be required in the future.

However, always avoid abruptly switching between Salesforce Classic to Lightning. Before your team becomes comfortable with the system, it is advisable to take baby steps and gradually grow up to the brand-new features provided by Lightning. This will ensure long-term user adoption and good business growth.

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