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What Students Look for in Apartments

When students move into college towns, they need to find a place to live. That way, they have a place to sleep, study and do anything else they need to while they attend college. If you own an apartment complex in a college town, you may wonder what students want from an apartment complex, so you should consider these suggestions to draw in more tenants.



You should start by getting twin-sized beds for your complex apartments for rent in south san francisco. Most college students can’t afford mattresses while going to school, so you should provide them in your complex apartments along with bed frames. Otherwise, other apartment complexes may offer this necessity, so students may feel inclined to move into those locations instead.

If you want to put beds in, you should take a careful approach to it. For example, some complexes may require students to sleep with plastic covers over their beds to avoid staining, bedbugs and other problems. Make sure you keep safety precautions like this in mind, so you can offer beds without putting others at risk in your apartment complex.

Community Rooms

Many times, college students like to have a place they can spend time or interact with others, so you may want to put some community rooms into the complex.

Take for instance, you could have a gym area, a lounge and other rooms students would enjoy. If you take this approach, you can add these rooms to your complex and draw in more students.

For example, some of the best west campus apartments include study lounges for students to study with others. You can think of different rooms, add them to your apartment complex and see which ones work. You can even adjust the rooms with time to appeal to more college students.


Some college students like to play video games, watch movies or spend time on the TV when they have time off. If your apartment complex includes TVs in each apartment, you can appeal to more students and gain some tenants. After all, they need something to do while they’re bored, so you should see if you can install some TVs.

If possible, you should also add cable to the TVs, so students don’t have to pay to watch shows. Even though this may cost some money, you can increase the rent price a bit to help you cover the costs. That way, you can make the students happy while you make some money.


Students need to have WiFi to do their homework, so you may want to offer it. When you offer free WiFi, students become more willing to move in since they don’t have to pay a monthly fee for something essential. Otherwise, they may look for an apartment complex with this amenity included.

While WiFi may not seem necessary at first, you must remember students need to use the internet for their college classes.

This includes doing research, turning in assignments and typing essays, so they can pass their classes. Because of this, you should offer fast WiFi at your complex, so more students can do their homework while inside of their apartments.

Washing Machines

Students love to have conveniences for necessary chores like washing their clothes. This means your apartment complex should see if it can install washing machines, so students can wash their clothes as needed.

 If possible, you should put the washing machines in their apartments to make things even more convenient for them during their stay.

You can also place the washing machines in a building, so they can go to that area to do their laundry. Depending on the situation, you can offer them free laundry or have them pay with some coins to wash their clothes. If you give them an easy way to do their laundry, they’ll want to move in.


If your apartment complex wants to get more people to move into it while in a college town, you should think about these points. They’ll help you provide important amenities students care about, so you can gain more tenants.

Make sure you spend some time considering these options and adding them to your apartment complex, so you can make some more money.

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