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What To Expect From an Automatic Writing Psychic Reading

Automatic writing psychic readings are a unique form of psychic work that utilizes writing. If tarot cards, birth charts and other metaphysical tools don’t appeal to you, automatic writing may be a good alternative since the only required equipment is pen and paper or a word processor. What can you expect from your first appointment? Here’s everything you should know.


Uncovering Messages From Your Spirit

Everyone has a spirit, a being of pure energy that is your inner self. Some people struggle to connect with their spirits, but psychics generally have an easier time connecting with theirs and those of other people. Automatic writing is a technique mediums use to link their conscious minds with their spirits.

Connect With Writing Flow

“Flow” describes a state of mind where creative energies move like water. Artists, writers and musicians experience flow while working on projects; many explain it as losing track of time or reaching a new level of perception. Automatic writing taps into this flow, but instead of writing a poem or story, psychics let their minds and hands wander across a blank page. The result is an intuitive message from the spirit.

Recording Writings

Traditionally, psychics use pencil and paper for automatic writing. However, modern practitioners may use a computer. The media doesn’t matter as much as the act of writing without judgment. Either way, clients end up with a record of their session they can reflect on later.

Focusing on Meditation

Whether you have questions about your love life or need career advice psychic readings live, an automatic writing session can provide answers. The process allows psychics to connect with powers beyond the material world, opening their minds to receive messages for their clients. Since this is an intuitive technique, mediums can tap into a variety of energies, including the collective unconscious, guardian spirits and even deities.

Connection to the Collective Unconscious

Some psychics believe that human beings share an unconscious, ancestral memory beneath their individual subconsciouses. Believers point to recurring themes in mythology around the world; cultures that couldn’t have communicated thousands of years ago often use the same symbolism in their stories. Mediums can delve into the collective unconscious through meditation and other techniques, allowing them to access the wisdom of spirits from long ago.

Connection to Guardian Spirits

Once psychics connect to their inner self, they can reach across the veil to entities in the world beyond. These may be guardian angels, spirit guides or even the souls of deceased family members. Since these beings have a different and larger perspective, they can offer valuable insight. These entities may even be looking for a chance to guide clients since they’re spiritual protectors.

Connection to Deities

In some cases, psychics may be able to receive messages from Christian, Pagan or other deities. If a god or goddess has important information for you, automatic writing can reveal it.If you’re searching for answers, it’s time to look into automatic writing and channeled psychic readings. The universe has a message for you; all you have to do is open your heart to receive it.

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