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When Should You Initiate a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

The survey claims that in the USA, 4.7 million individuals are assaulted by dogs yearly. Approximately 800,000 of these bites are so severe that they need medical intervention. Almost everyone loves dogs for their undying love and tail-wagging bond that is unmatched by anything else.

Dogs are creatures of instinct, though; we sometimes overlook that when talking about them. Although we are familiar with our dogs, we can’t predict the behaviour of unfamiliar dogs, and dog attacks happen. If you are ever faced with a dog bite situation, a dog bite lawsuit is something you should consider. A definitive way to win a claim is by hiring a personal injury lawyer. They can improve your chances of winning. This blog will guide you on when to file a dog-bite lawsuit.


Knowing Your Possibilities If You Have Been Bitten or Mauled by a Dog

It doesn’t matter what type of injury you suffer after a dog bite; the dog owner is almost always liable if the dog bites or injures you. It indicates that you are entitled to file a lawsuit and receive a financial settlement for dog bite injuries.

However, state law will decide whether or not the dog owner is liable for a dog bite. The best strategy is to work with a lawyer who has handled dog bite cases before.

Your lawyer will thoroughly examine your case to decide if you should make a claim or pursue a lawsuit. If you hire a professional lawyer, you will have less trouble after a dog bite.

Awareness of a Dog Bite Lawsuit Rights

Your post-dog bite rights will be determined by state law. Most states sue dog owners if their animals injure other people.

There are various dog bite exceptions, including:

  • If you agitated the animal,
  • If you tried to pass private property, or 
  • If you know the dog and know it has also attacked other people

Your lawyer may be able to settle your case out of court if you can show that the dog’s owner is responsible for your injuries. Your potential settlement amount is based on several variables.

File a Dog-Bite Lawsuit

Dog bite victims often struggle to win damages against the dog owner. If you have severe dog bite injuries, you might face substantial consequences, such as medical bills, missed pay, and perhaps lasting scarring. It usually makes sense to file a lawsuit in these situations. Even if the deduction was minimal, you might be entitled to a settlement. 

People also suffer emotional and mental distress due to dog bite injuries that may be compensated with a dog-bite lawsuit. Most dog bite cases are settled out of court. If you and your attorney are unable to negotiate with the insurance company, it is best to file a dog-bite lawsuit.


If someone else’s dog has bitten you or your loved one, you can file a lawsuit and get compensation. Although dog bite lawsuits can be challenging, it is still possible to prevail. To take legal action against the dog owner that bit you and file a dog-bite lawsuit, however, you should do so immediately if you find yourself in a dog-bite situation.

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