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When To Send A Thank You Card After A Wedding

You’ve tied the knot with your beloved, and are about to embark on the exciting adventure of married life. But before you settle into newlywed bliss, it’s time to sit down and write your wedding thank you cards. Sending out this last piece of luxury bespoke wedding stationery means that you can finally wrap up the final stage of your wedding planning.

Although the task of writing thank-you notes is often viewed as being a chore, it’s important to remember that it’s polite to say “thank you” to the people that have help and support you, joined you in celebrating your special day, and generously gifted you with fabulous presents!


Why Do You Need To Say Thank You?

There are a number of reasons why you need to write thank you cards after your wedding…

  • You should thank a guest for attending
  • You should thank anyone who has given you a wedding gift
  • You should also thank the people who played an important part of your big day

Be Timely

Just because wedding thank you cards don’t require a response that affects the attendance numbers at your nuptials, it doesn’t mean that you can slack off from writing and sending them in the post.

Wedding etiquette traditionally dictates that the thank you cards should be written and mailed in a timely manner. So you can forget about putting off the chore until just before your first wedding anniversary comes around.

It’s considered polite to send the thank you notes to your guests in attendance, and anyone who bought you a gift, one to three months after the date of your wedding. This is ample time to get yourself organized so that you can order the stationery (if you haven’t already done so), write and sign the notes, address the envelopes, seal, and send them in the post.

Many couples like to stay on top of their letters of gratitude by ordering and prepping the wedding stationery well in advance of their big day.

Create A-List

To ensure that you don’t overlook an auntie, the second cousin twice removed, or any guest that has traveled a great distance to join you at your wedding celebration, it’s a good idea to create a list of attendees and gift giver names.

If you’re organized, you will probably already have made a list during the early stages of wedding planning. Double-check that everyone is listed on it before you get started on writing the cards. No one wants to feel slighted, and to miss out on receiving a note of gratitude, simply because you made an error.

If you received a gift prior to your wedding day, it’s acceptable to write and send your ‘thank you just as promptly. As most couples prefer to pen all of their ‘thank yous’ after the honeymoon, make sure that you keep a record of the gift giver and their present, for future reference.

As a general rule, you should send a thank you to anyone who sent you a wedding gift, even if they didn’t attend the most important event of the year. If someone wasn’t invited to your wedding but bought you a gift, be sure to include them on your thank you list.

Pace Yourself

If you have a large stack of wedding thank you cards to write, make sure that you pace yourself. Cramming all of the work into a single session will only result in tiredness and messy handwriting. Break up the process by setting a few hours aside for completion.

As you’re now married, and part of a team, don’t tackle the thank you note writing task on your own. Split the job 50/50 so that you share the workload with your spouse.

Don’t Forget The Pros

Aside from your family and friends, and acquaintances, there is another group of people that you shouldn’t forget when you’re writing and sending luxury personalized wedding thank you cards.

If you hired a professional wedding planner, it’s good manners to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work, and that you couldn’t have achieved everything on your own.

Don’t forget wedding vendors, like the caterers, the professional photographer and videographer, the florist, the DJ, and anyone else that contributed to ensuring that your wedding was a magical day.

Also send a thank you card to the wedding ceremony officiant, and to the wedding planning team at the ceremony and reception venue. They will appreciate your kind words of gratitude.

Let It Flow

When you’re finally ready to start writing your wedding thank you cards, it’s recommended that you begin with your VIP guests. Write heartfelt messages of appreciation and gratitude to your parents, the parents of your spouse, and your bridal party. As these are the first cards you are writing, you’ll be inspired with suitably creative prose, and your handwriting will look its best.

Continue with close friends and relatives, and finish up with work colleagues and acquaintances. To ensure that you don’t miss anyone, tackle all of your wedding vendors at the same time.

As you’re splitting the chore of writing the personalized thank you cards with your spouse, check that they are working from a separate list of names, to avoid any costly duplication mistakes.

If you’re planning to mail out one of your stunning wedding photos, in addition to the card of thanks, pop the snap into the envelopes just before sealing them.

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