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Why Do Locations Matter in Proxies?

Proxies are used for various purposes, such as security and anonymity. Proxy servers are useful for commercial activities, covering everything from information gathering, software automation, and price monitoring. In addition, they can be used to prevent ad fraud. Considering all these uses, it becomes clear that locations have great significance in proxies. But to learn more, continue reading this post and find out why locations matter in proxies in detail. 


What is a Proxy?

A proxy server is basically a server application that functions as a relay between client and server. It is referred to as an intermediary as it goes between users and the sites they visit. They provide a valuable security layer for the user’s device and can be set up as firewalls or web filters to protect devices from internet threats.

Proxies are used to accomplish various important tasks, such as adding additional security layer, controlling content access, balancing internet traffic to prevent crashes, securing users’ activities from snooping, increasing speeds, improving browsing performance, enhancing the privacy level of the client’s device, carrying out sensitive tasks anonymously, and saving bandwidth by caching files or compressing incoming traffic.

Importance of Having Proxies

Here are some of the many reasons for having many IP addresses, along with the benefits they provide:

Closer Proxies Lead to Reduced Latency

Two factors influence connection speed: bandwidth and latency. While bandwidth is the throughput of your connection, latency is the time data takes to travel from sender to receiver. Naturally, the bigger the bandwidth of your connection is, the more data is sent at one time. But if your proxy is far from the end server, you suffer from high latency and slow response times, irrespective of the bandwidth size. Having a proxy location physically closer to the server is your best bet to lower latency, which is rather important.

Faster Speed Improves Overall Performance

In general, lower latency has an impact on the system performance. For instance, a web scraper is monitoring and extracting data from a site in the UK. If a user connects through a proxy in Scotland, the latency to the website will be high. However, for each request made to the website, sending data back takes more time if a user has a UK proxy. So, the closer the proxy is to the server you are connecting to, the faster requests are processed, which makes more requests in a day. Overall, system efficiency is improved.

Better Security

Having multiple IP addresses makes it difficult for anyone to track you. This makes it difficult for them to detect your browsing habits and guards your systems from cyberattacks. With paid proxies, you can make more choices when it comes to the number of IP addresses. There are not much chances of exposure of your standard IP addresses to third parties. Even if someone has access to your computer’s IP address, it is difficult for them to trace the activities back to you.

Enhanced SEO Analysis

SEO analysis is vital for businesses with a web presence as they have to know how their business ranks in different targeted industries. With geo-targeting, you can see content that users see in a specific location. Search engines deliver content to their users based on their current geographic location. This level of specificity goes down to the streets they live on. If you run a business in the UK, it is important to be able to pick a UK proxy. This helps you find out your website ranking and how UK citizens see your products. For more information on location specific proxies, visit Oxylabs.

Future Increase of IPs and Location

More and more interesting content is created by different websites and platforms worldwide. However, users from all locations are allowed to access such content. It is becoming quite common for users to go for multiple locations and IPs as a location physically closer to the server helps them avoid high latency and slow response times.

Also, for security reasons, multiple IP addresses make it difficult for people to detect your browsing habits and protect your systems from cyberattacks. Even if somebody gets access to a computer’s IP address, having many of them makes it difficult for someone to trace the activities back to you. SEO analysis also depends on the use of many locations and IPs. These are some of the various reasons why a significant increase in IPs and locations is expected.

Final Words

Proxies serve as an intermediate between your computer and the internet and a path for all your network traffic. Having multiple locations allows you to choose any proxy server that works fast enough and let you use the content without worrying about the speed of the transmission. You can always use different locations to access sites while appearing from different locations and choosing a different proxy server, thereby bypassing country restrictions.

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