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Why You Should Be More Productive

I used to be a huge procrastinator. It’s an understatement to say I was terrible at it. I would write papers days before they were due, and I’d make up all sorts of excuses as to why it wasn’t done yet. But my problem wasn’t just that I didn’t work hard enough; it was that I didn’t think about the importance of my work in general. The fact is, there are so many things we can do with our lives besides schoolwork, and most of us aren’t taking advantage of them because we’re not productive enough. what you’re working on now will benefit your future. So the question is: Do you want to be more productive? If you do, then read on and find out how.


The first step of increasing your productivity is realizing that it’s important. When I was a procrastinator, I didn’t think about what it meant to me as a person; I just thought about what it meant for school. The reason why we procrastinate is because we don’t realize how important what we’re doing now will be in the future, and today has such importance that it just seems like one of many days that have happened before this one, or will happen after this one. We need to realize that this day matters for our future! It matters a lot! What you’re working on now could potentially change your life forever! And if you’re not working hard enough right now, then you could lose opportunities for something great in the future because of laziness or ignorance or whatever else-ism there might be involved with being lazy or ignorant! Don’t let yourself get caught up in these things by realizing their importance now. Acknowledge them so they don’t catch up with you later on when they can cause problems for your career and college life as a whole.


The second step of increasing your productivity is realizing that you can do more in a day than you think. I’d like to tell you that it’s easy to be productive, but it definitely isn’t. It takes work and dedication and effort, but if you can get past the initial challenges, there’s no reason why you can’t get better at being productive over time. And if ever there’s a case for “practice makes perfect”, then this is it. You just need to practice getting things done more often than not, and eventually it won’t be such a big deal anymore! So just keep trying and don’t give up!


The third step of increasing your productivity is actually doing something about it! Use the tips below as ways on how to make yourself more productive; try them out till they fit into your schedule or lifestyle or whatever else might be involved with them; and revise them until they fit what works for you specifically:


1) Keep busy: Do something each day (or even several times each day). Whether that means working hard on homework while ignoring distractions around the house or studying while listening to music while walking on an exercise machine while watching TV-do something! If nothing else works, do nothing but sleep every night. But you can do more than that.


2) Know what to work on: Work towards something. Whether it’s a bigger goal or just a little task that will help you reach that goal, work toward something and don’t forget about it! If your goals seem too high, break them down into smaller goals and then proceed with those smaller goals as well.


3) Practice working hard: When you’re not working hard enough at the moment, take some time out of your day and go do something productive for an hour or two or four or however much time is best suited to how long it’ll take for you to finish the task at hand (depending on how big of a project it is). For example: If I have homework to do, I’ll try my best to get right into doing it within 10 minutes of getting home from school—not because 1 hour later still wouldn’t be early enough, but because there’s no reason why I can’t get started earlier if I want/need/have the time! So if an assignment takes me 2 hours total, I’ll practice working hard by putting in 3 hours instead of 2. Or maybe even 4! The only way we improve our productivity is by practicing being productive—by doing things we need/want/can make happen more often than not.


My hope is that you’ve learned something from reading my post, or at least gotten some inspiration to learn something on your own. I want everyone to be productive in life, and this is just one way of making it happen. If it works for you, then awesome! If not, then keep searching for ways that do work for you. And if no way works, then find a way that will work in the future when things are better—because they will get better if you try hard enough! Good luck with everything, and may your future be bright because of all the hard work you put in today!


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