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Women’s Guide to Choosing a Hat Considering the Shape of her Face

Determining the accessory that compliments your outfit and suits your facial features, body type, and personality can be an arduous task. To be successful in your chore of deciding your outfit, you must determine the shape of your face to acquire a smooth sail in your journey of choosing headgear. One of the most vital deliberations is the proportion of your headdress to your body’s facial features.

Individuals with an oval face can opt for any hat style as most of them have such a shape. In addition to the shape, the size of your face volume and length of hair plays a crucial role in finding appropriate headgear. Females who are tall and healthy look smart in headgear with a wide brim. Ladies with long and healthy hair may not look good with smaller hat styles and a short-brim.

Finding the right hat for your personality

Most headgears come in similar sizes, but each of them fits differently on the head of every individual. Moreover, a hat that looks fantastic on your friend does not suit you at all. Therefore you must understand that every headgear has various personalities in different ways.

Measuring your face

Before purchasing a hat, it is essential to analyze the shape of your face by measuring your head and other parts. To acquire headgear that is a perfect fit for your face has two steps. The first step is to measure the circumference of your head with a flexible band or a soft measuring tape. After you acquire the size of your circumference, the next step is to consider your facial features before understanding this style that accentuates your face.

Here are a few basic shapes and the guidelines to choose the best hat for your visage:

Elongated face

An individual with a long face and a large forehead should avoid beanies as it highlights the structure of your face. People with a longer face shape must opt for a cowboy hat, straw hats, and headgears that cut across the forehead. Females with long and narrow faces can purchase headgears with a shallow crown to strike a balance of the long face. Fashionable styles such as a cloche, and beret, compliment a narrow look.

Round shaped face

Individuals with a fuller face that is round in shape must opt for headgear opposite features set as angular and long. Fedora hats look attractive on ladies with round facial features. A retro-style cloche hat perfectly complements a round facial feature. A female with a round face can wear a beanie that covers the forehead, thereby giving the face a long look.

Guide for a square face

A face shape with sharp angular features must avoid angled caps and hats to prevent exaggerating the sharpness of the features. Therefore, individuals with such facial characteristics should opt for a soft floppy hat with a wide brim. A cloche hat is a perfect fit for a square face. Square-faced people must avoid beanies as it makes the shape prominent.

Heart face

A face with a heart shape is broad from above and narrows down towards the chin. Individuals with such facial features must purchase a baseball cap or a fedora, thereby helping the angle to accentuate the topmost part of the face. It would help if you avoided wearing a hat with a floppy brim as the whiteness of your forehead may appear exaggerated. Cowboy hats with a wide brim make a face look longer. Many ladies prefer wearing a beanie or a bucket hat to cover the wideness.

Small face

It is essential to wear headgear with short brims. People with a short height generally opt for a fedora headgear or a visor hat suitable to their facial characteristics. If short-height girls wish to wear a wide brim hat, they must fold the brim and style the headgear with a flipped brim, on the center or the side.

Diamond-shaped face

The diamond-shaped look resembles a heart shape with a broad top part and a narrow jawline. People with a diamond face must focus more on how they carry headgear instead of various hat styles. Such individuals must prefer a head cap with a shallow crown or a pull-on that covers the forehead.

Irrespective of all the guidelines, the hat owner determines which hat styles complement their face the best. Every individual has a different styling sense and perspective, leaving them with the freedom to cherry-pick their favorite style and flaunt them proudly. However, it is sensible to take adequate measurements and consider your facial features before purchasing a hat. It would help if you also contemplated their comfort and confidence while choosing a hat.

Those who prefer bold hat styles should limit it to wearing it on a weekend outing for their morning sports practice. However, you can flaunt your hat’s unique style, thereby embracing the beauty of your face. Ideally, you should wear headgear that gives them a feel-good factor.

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