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Yin Yang vs Chakra: Both are Equal, or Only One is Best?

Meaningful jewelry for me, is something made from specific materials or designs. Something powerful to spark pleasant and healing vibes. The jewelry items made from particular stones or materials can really make a piece shine, especially if considered as a gift.

While looking for meaningful or symbolic jewelry, two common names always stand atop; the Yin Yang jewelry and a colorful chakra crystals necklace – An asset to express feelings of concern!

Here the question comes, what makes both jewelry items count in meaningful jewelry? What particular distinguishes one from other? Either are equal, or only one is best? That’s what we’re going to discuss today; stay tuned!

Yin Yang Jewelry&. Chakra Crystals – Both are Equal, or only one is Best?

Both yin yang jewelry and chakra crystal necklace hold great significance in terms of the symbolism they represent. Yin yang jewelry is all about balance, while chakra crystals solely emphasize on energy centers in our body. 

For some, yin yang jewelry might be more demanding because it represents a greater challenge to find balance in their lives. While, for some, wearing achakra crystal jewelry holds significance in keeping track of the energy centers in their body and making sure that they’re balanced. 

Let’s take a look at both of them;

Yin Yang Jewelry

Yin yang jewelry speaks of the world we live in, representing the balance between duality. The dominant trait of yin yang lies in its symbolism. It not only focus on duality, but on harmony as well, this is what makes it a bit more valuable than wearing chakra jewelry.

According to yin yang philosophy, yin and yang are two halves of a whole. They are complementary aspects of the same thing and cannot exist without each other. Yin is the feminine, passive, and dark principle, while yang is the masculine, active, and light principle. Together, they embody the sum of all things.

It can be worn as a symbol of unity and harmony. Do you know that Yin yang jewelry can also be used to balance your chakras? Yes, the crystals in the necklace helps absorbing and release energy.

Chakra Jewelry

At times, the reason we experience many strange feelings and negative energies is probably due to issues in our chakras. The chakras are focused on seven energy centers in our body, and each of these chakras is associated with a different state of consciousness. These chakras have a strong influence on physical and spiritual experiences. 

Wearing chakra crystals necklace,and other jewelry items holds high importance, as it’s believed to be somehow connected with our soul energy. It’s believed that an individual’s soul energy is often represented by a certain color as it is absorbed by chakras during a meditation session. 

Many people ask what particular influences chakra jewelry makes on a wearer’s life? Or, what makes it worth considering in terms of healing and protecting from negative energies?

Well, there are various chakra crystals that are used in making chakra jewelry. Each of these crystals is believed to have its own unique influence on the wearer’s life. Some of the key benefits that chakra jewelry includes;

  • Healing and protecting from negative energies
  • Help improve the wearer’s concentration, meditation, and focus.

What particular crystals are commonly used in making Chakra Jewelry?The most popular chakra crystals used in making chakra necklaces are;

  • Amethyst (crown chakra)
  • Ruby (Sacral Chakra) 
  • Black Onyx (Root Chakra).
  • Lapis lazuli (Third Eye chakra)
  • Aquamarine (Throat Chakra)
  • Peridot (Heart chakra)
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Apart from these popular ones, the other common chakra crystal used is Yantra. It is placed on the chakra to energize and activate its positive vibrations. It comes in multiple designs as per the Hindu deities printed on them, which infuse the Yantra with their energies too. 

Both yin yang jewelry and chakra crystals necklace have a role in balancing our life, as both play a role in terms of their own distinctive features. Both can be used by men and women. Now, the reason behind rising demand for any particular one depends on, which jewelry item suits wearer the most.

Based on this, majority decided which meaningful jewelry influences them most. Hence concluded!

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