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10 Essential Serveware to Ace a Dinner Party

What constitutes “essential serveware” for one family may not be appropriate for another family entirely. The reason is that every family has its own unique lifestyle and expectations regarding social gatherings. Also, something you could use in a breakfast gathering wouldn’t be suitable for dinner parties.

However, certain serving pieces may be appropriate for daily use, dinner parties, or other types of casual get-togethers. These pieces serve many purposes.

Select serveware collections that are timeless, functional, and adaptable. You will always have the appropriate dishes and utensils for serving food at various gatherings. These servewares will serve your guests well whether you host a Thanksgiving dinner or a backyard cookout. You can even give them as unique gifts to your guests.

Here is a compiled list of essential modern serveware to ace a dinner party.

  1. Cheese boards

A cheese board, aka a charcuterie board, is a classy way to elevate your party. They serve perfectly as grazing platters for dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, and other large celebratory gatherings.

Since we consume with our eyes before our mouths, cheese boards are meant to be visually appealing and elegantly presented.

In kitchen accessories, cheese boards can be pretty versatile. They can be used to slice a few vegetables or present a cheese platter and charcuterie.

Do you want to know what the best part is? They come in different materials, forms and sizes. Your individual preferences and the purposes for which you intend to put the purchase items should guide your purchasing decisions.

If you’re hosting a dinner serving one or two people, a less than one-foot-long cheese platter is ideal. On the other hand, you can use larger cheese boards for an extended gathering.

The two most popular materials are wood cheese boards and marble charcuterie trays. People often choose wood over marble because it is more manageable. However, both of them are practical and beautiful so it really boils down to personal preference.

Serving food on a cheese board is a terrific way to welcome your guests. You can provide them with a variety of tastes and textures to explore.

Creating a charcuterie platter is more of an art form than a simple recipe. It’s a lot of fun to make, looks great, and tastes well, too.

The decision to buy cheese boards will be one of the best decisions you’ve taken in a while. If you don’t know how to use a cheese board to serve food, you will find many cheese board ideas online.

  1. Divided Condiment or Dip Tray

Use these to offer a combination of nuts and olives, cheese spread, hummus, a dip made with mayonnaise, or any combination of the three.

You may even utilize these to serve different salad dressing options to your visitors, which is more attractive than displaying bottles.

  1. Oval Platter

This platter is perfect for presenting delicious food and any large meat meal like roasted vegetables, fish, or whole chicken. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice. The platter can be arranged as serving trays, vegetable trays, cheese trays, or charcuterie trays at dinner parties.

  1. Chip and Dip Server

Who doesn’t enjoy dipping chips or crackers in a delicious sauce? Because this is such a time-honored party staple, you will undoubtedly require a reliable alternative for serving it.

Consider using this serving piece for something other than chips and dips. You can use it for fruit and vegetables, marinated olives, red peppers, and red olives.

  1. Any-Room Tray

Pass around some sweet or savory finger foods on a flowered round tray when you have company. It may be really convenient to have three of these available to pass around the table. You can also make a centerpiece out of it by lining it with candles.

Outside of the dining room, you can stack one with wrapped hand towels in a guest bathroom. Moreover, you can use it to add depth and intrigue to a bedside table. For instance, layer it with a fragrance and a tiny jewelry box.

  1. White Dishes

Traditional white dinnerware is an excellent choice for serving any meal, from breakfast cereal to a lavish holiday dinner. For most occasions, such as family get-togethers and dinner parties, a set that accommodates 12 diners should be sufficient.

To make entertaining easier if you live in a tiny residence, consider purchasing a complete collection of extra dishes from a caterer.

  1. Versatile Glassware

You don’t have the space (or the desire) for ten distinct sorts of glasses, each designed for a specific beverage. You need only pick out a stemless glass or lovely goblet that can be used to serve water, juice, or wine with equal aplomb.

In addition to traditional wine glasses with stems, choose the versatile stemless glasses. They can be used to serve water, juice, or cocktails.

Glassware can also be an excellent gift for a co-worker. So if anyone’s anniversary or housewarming party is coming ahead, you can get them this lovely gift.

  1. Cake Stand

At first thought, a cake stand might not seem a necessary serveware for a dinner party. However, once you have one in your possession, you will be surprised by how often it is put to use.

You can use one to display store-bought pastries for breakfast, holiday cookies, quiche, pie, or cake (obviously).

A cake plate can be used to display fresh fruit decoratively on the kitchen counter during the time between special occasions.

  1. Pitcher

You will need to have a method to serve beverages to your guests if you plan to provide them with alcoholic beverages. Using a pitcher made of clear glass to serve drinks at your dinner party is an excellent idea. It enables you and your guests to distinguish between different beverages. Ensure that you buy a pitcher suitable for each type of beverage you intend to provide.

  1. Serving Utensils

Your serving utensils should match your flatware in the same way that your serving dishes complement your dinnerware. Make sure you have the appropriate cutlery and serving bowls for each dish.

Spoons with slots are ideal for vegetable use, but solid-sided spoons are best suited for serving more substantial side dishes. In addition, a meat fork should be included with each piece of meat, and a butter spreader should be sent with each slice of bread.


Who doesn’t love having all their buddy circles under one roof? That is why one of the most entertaining things to do is host dinner parties for your friends. Everything from organizing the menu, chilling the wine, and putting together simple charcuterie boards gives you a kick.

So many pieces must come together to host a fantastic party. Having the correct serving dishes is one such essential piece that people have started realizing recently. You can’t achieve the perfection that you seek when you have to dish the Brussel sprouts with a cereal dish and a dinner fork.

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