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11 Long Distance Friendship Gifts to Connect with Your Far Away Best Friend

True friendships are rare, so maintaining them wherever the two of you live should be a priority. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day grind, always planning and plotting that ‘tomorrow’ you’ll give them a call or shoot them a text. But, when things are important to us, we need to nurture them. Yes, it takes more effort and more time, but in the long run, having an authentic friend by your side through the ups and downs is one of life’s true treasures.

  1. Friendship Trinket Dish. This sweet little ceramic glazed dish reads “A true friendship is a journey without an end.” Your friend can use the dish for favorite cosmetics, rings, bracelets, keys, just about anything their heart desires. And they’ll think of you every time they use it!

  2. Engraved Wooden Drinks Coaster. Choose from a variety of coaster colors such as pebble gray, spring green, coral and more. The coaster reads: “Distance means so little, when someone means so much.” Available for a back message of your choosing, as well. This nifty gift is delivered in a cute gift box.

  3. Customized Desktop Photo Plaque. This 5”x7” plaque is all about your friendship. Ready for a special photo of the two of you, the names and dates are customizable. It reads: “Good friends are like stars – you don’t always see them but you know they are always there.” Perfectly representing the long distance friendship the two of you share.

  4. Egift Cards. Surprise your friend with an egift card! Conveniently available to send and receive via email or text, they are available to use at a huge number of retailers and vendors around the globe like BestBuy, Kohls, and WalMart. The funds might help her decorate her new apartment or go toward a hot new wardrobe.

  5. Matching Wine Tumblers. Turn on Netflix, agree on a show (good luck!) and get out these adorable pink (or blue) wine tumblers. They’re designed for easy carrying and hold 12 oz. of coffee, wine, water, etc. And, they’re insulated so you won’t have to worry about your white wine turning warm. Made from unbreakable stainless steel it is a great gift to be used at the beach, pool or sitting around chatting it up over Discord.

  6. A Spa Box. The giddy joy and anticipation of relaxation will wash over your best friend when she receives this gift. “Friendship Knows No Distance” is stuffed with goodies like a scented natural soy candle (you choose the scent), custom match box, personalized candle, body scrub or butter, lip balm, etc. Help her get her Zen on in her new place!

  7. Friendship Ornament. This rustic piece on Etsy reads: The love between friends knows no distance.” Beneath the quote is the customizable area for two states and a heart with a date inside. Your best friend can hang it during holiday time and any other time of the year to remind her of the connection you’ve built together over the years.

  8. Puzzle Pieces Necklace. Choose between gold, silver, and rose gold, the puzzle pieces are customizable with lower case letters to represent the two of you. And of course, they fit snug inside one another for those times when you are together again!

  9. Why You’re My Bestie Booklet. Who doesn’t love a book that’s all about them? The Why You’re My Bestie Book turns every page into a dedication to your best friend. Choose to be sweet, silly, sarcastic or completely authentic with your own words. Whatever style you choose, she’ll be grinning from ear to ear and put it someplace close so she can read it often.

  10. Nail Art Subscription. Being fearless, having fun, and living your best life all comes down to unbridled self-expression. Encourage your best friend to put her best fingers forward with a nail art subscription. Every month she’ll receive nail art decals in various shapes, sizes and materials that glitter and shine.

  11. A Fun Sweatshirt. Is your friend a proud Scorpio, Taurus or Libra? Does she read her horoscope on a regular basis? The cheeky “Sorry I can’t. Mercury is in retrograde” sweatshirt is likely to be her next favorite wardrobe item.

Focusing a little time on your far away best friend is the single greatest thing you can do to nurture the friendship. Texting is great, but why not go that extra step for her birthday, best friend’s day or any day at all to show her a little love from afar.

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