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What Is the Clean Energy Hub Program?

As the effects of climate change rapidly increase, clean, renewable energy sources are more important than ever. Having a Clean Energy Hub benefits the environment, and it can save you money on your energy costs for years to come. Look below to learn all about the Clean Energy Hub Program and how it can benefit you, your community, and the environment.


What Is a Clean Energy Hub?

A clean energy Hub is an area or building fully sustained by clean, renewable energy such as solar energy. Clean Energy Hubs typically have cleaner air due to the reduced emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases in the area.

How Does Joining a Clean Energy Hub Program Help Me?

Clean Energy Hubs don’t just impact the environment. They’re also clean energy savings hubs as they significantly cut your power costs and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. You have to spend less on heating your home or business, heating water, and even keeping the lights on as the panels convert the sun’s rays into energy that powers your home or business.

It’s not just switching to solar power that saves you money. Switching to using an electric vehicle will also save you money on gas as well as reduce emissions of carbon into the atmosphere. You can install an electric vehicle charging station at your place of residence or business. You’ll be spending no money on fuelling your vehicle with fossil fuels, and instead, your solar-powered building will be doing all the work to keep your car powered.

What Are the Environmental Rewards of a Clean Energy Hub?

Reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere leads to cleaner air. Cleaner air is better for your health, and it’s better for the health of the planet, too. You’ll essentially be creating a clean safe haven that protects you, the planet, and your community. This will set your family and community up for a cleaner, healthier future.

How Does Joining a Clean Energy Program Impact My Community?

The solar panels on your home or business are working whenever sunlight hits them. This means there’s a high chance they’re producing excess energy or more energy than your building needs. In many states, this excess energy can then be transmitted back to the grid. This, in turn, helps other buildings in your community and reduces stress on the energy grid.

What Are Some of the Clean Energy Solutions I Can Use?

Solar panels are the most popular form of solar energy you can use for your home or business. There are three main ways you can equip your establishment with the panels:

  • Rooftop panels: Getting your roof fitted with solar panels (flat roofs are especially suitable for this)
  • Carport panels: Keep the cars in your business’s parking lot in the shade while producing energy via panels on the car shelters’ roofs
  • Ground panels: Place panels on any unobstructed land you own that’s attached to your home or business

Becoming part of a Green Energy Hub will save you money and positively impact the environment, your community, and your future. It’s a complete all-in-one energy management solution that can benefit you now and in the future.

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