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4 Bad Product Design Examples to Avoid

Bad product designs destroys any brand’s reputation and urges the customers to skip choosing the same brand again. If you want to ensure that your brand gains reputation and grabs more and more customers, you need to pay signifiacnt importance to product design. 

This article disicess a few common bad product design examples that designers need to avoid while designing a product.  

Even the greatest digital product idea won’t bring you any benefits if you don’t create a quality design that meets the expectations of the target group. What mistakes should you avoid and why is product design so important? Keep reading!

The right product design – why is it so vital?

How many times have you left a given website because it didn’t load fast enough, its navigation wasn’t intuitive, or the quality of content didn’t meet your expectations? Since we live in the times when virtually every industry is extremely competitive, outstanding product design becomes even more important as users have plenty of options to choose from, which means that they don’t have to accept mediocre solutions anymore.

If you want to engage users and potential customers for longer, you need to offer them unique experiences and functional products. So, what should you focus on when designing your dream digital product? Keep reading to discover 4 common mistakes you should avoid!

4 bad product design examples

The most common bad product design examples include:

  • Intransparent information – when designing a digital product, it’s crucial to make sure that all its functionalities are described in a transparent, understandable way. Thanks to it, users can avoid misunderstandings and the product owner can sleep soundly knowing that the product actually serves its purpose. If you want to be on the safe side, double-check all the CTA buttons and modify all the messages to make them clear-cut.
  • Checkout process errors – a quality product design and transparent communication aren’t everything. It’s also important to allow customers to finalize transactions safely. Check your product’s architecture to ensure that buttons or functionalities don’t overlay and users can easily find what they’re looking for. Otherwise, they’ll waste time trying to put products in the shopping cart, only to realize that it’s not possible to complete the purchase.
  • No localization – if you want to inspire trust, your product should be tailored to the target group and its expectations. Make sure that all important elements like prices and currencies are adjusted to the language and culture of your recipients.
  • No quality content – content is king. If you want to attract potential buyers, you need to offer them quality texts that can’t be found on other websites. To make your product design successful, use language of benefits, show people why it’s worth investing in your products and make sure that they can easily access all the necessary elements.

The takeaway

As evidenced by the above-mentioned bad product design examples, even the best product design won’t bring you success without proper implementation. Therefore, it’s important to cooperate with an experienced development company that will help you avoid common mistakes.

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