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The Best Call of Duty Vanguard Weapons and Guns

The best weapons in Call of Duty Vanguard are those that are properly suited to their job and can quickly bring down foes with accurate and reliable fire, making them nearly must-picks for multiplayer triumph. Though weapon balancing is constantly changing as developers reduce the power of some guns while buffing others, there are still some remarkable examples of weapons that stick out among the rest. It’s crucial to realize that not every weapon will suit your playstyle, so you may discover that one of the weapons on this list falls short of your expectations.

In any case, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest weapons in Vanguard for each of the major gun categories, as well as some build and attachment examples for you to check out. On, the best weaponry is clearly set out.

Automaton gun

Right now, the best weapon in Call of Duty Vanguard is the Automaton, the second Assault Rifle you’ll unlock. It’s a versatile all-rounder with outstanding control and damage, capable of working at mid-to-long range and dropping adversaries as well as any Vanguard weapon.

The iron sights are a major flaw, and they’re almost as horrible a war crime as whatever you end up using the gun for. Fortunately, this is a simple fix: simply replace it out for any other attachment you choose.

Best Assault Rifle – STG44

The STG44 is the best starting gun when it comes to ARs. Despite being a little choppy, it packs a punch and has a lot of range, and it never gets out of hand. If the Automaton operates in the mid-to-long range, the STG44 operates in the short-to-mid range, with a trace of SMG in its DNA.

The STG44 is also versatile – that’s the main point of the Assault Rifles – but it suffers a little with high firepower, with adversaries occasionally escaping with only surface wounds. It will become a force to be reckoned with if its damage and damage range stats are increased: utilize the VDD 760mm 05B barrel, the F8 Stabilizer muzzle, and any of the more aggressive bullet types to give it more bite.

Best LMG – MG42

Despite being a starter weapon, this behemoth is arguably as good as LMGs get in Vanguard right now. The MG42 is the easiest gun of its sort to manage (albeit only by LMG standards, so it still leaps around like a salmon, albeit significantly less so), which is surprising given its fast rate of fire. It’s a powerful weapon, but one that’s a little easier to use in a fight. When you add in a 125-round beginning magazine, it’s a legitimate contender in its class, assuming you use it correctly.

Because LMGs aren’t designed to be run-and-gun weapons, make yours for defensive fighting, which means staying put and spraying fire from behind cover, usually while mounted on something. Stippled Grip or the Krausnick S91 Padded stock, as well as any other muzzle additions that aid in recoil management, may assist you achieve the goal of making a laser beam of gunfire. Allow yourself to burrow down somewhere safe and shoot down everyone who walks into your sightline, remembering that this is a rifle that excels at capturing goals.

Best SMG – MP40

In every game in which it appears, the MP40 appears to be a good choice, and it’s no different here. The MP40 is stocky and robust, with excellent handling and a surprising range that doesn’t prevent it from being lethal up close.

When you play aggressively, the MP40 thrives, and the attachments you attach to it should support that mentality. Accuracy of hip-fire, fire rate, and damage are all key factors in this game. Obtain the Mercury Silencer on the muzzle, a Krausnick 33mm Folding stock and the Quick kit, and Uncleared proficiency on it when you get them. Learn about the best Call of Duty guns and weapons at

Best Sniper Rifle – 3-Line Rifle

To play like a sniper, the 3-Line Rifle is for those who want to play like the terrifying speck in the faraway window that pierces the brains of anybody within a quarter-mile radius. To prevent the target from panicking and fleeing, a sniper should have the best chance of killing on the first shot, and the 3-Line provides the best stopping power in the game.

Put an MX Silencer on it for attachments, as the reduction to ADS speed shouldn’t be a major concern for this play strategy. In terms of optics, we prefer the 1913 Variable 4-8x, but it is largely a matter of personal preference and whether you

want night vision. You’ll also benefit from a 500-millimeter MN Custom barrel and Lengthened Ammo, which will help you pin down targets quicker and more effectively.

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