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Condogames.XYZ is Down – Best Alternatives to Find Roblox Condo Games in 2023

Your all favorite website is unfortunately down. This article will tell you how to find Roblox Condo Games and alternatives to the website mentioned above.

Roblox is a fun game with Minecraft-like graphics where you can build, search, and generate an entire city to live a virtual life. Available to play on PC, Playstation, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, Roblox is one of the most popular games after Minecraft in the said genre. 


Introduction to

Condo Games are all over the place in Roblox as everyone is playing them whenever they want to escape reality. This is like a comfortable place for us as we get what we want that we may not get in the real life. Right?

Even though it is extremely difficult to find Condo Games in Roblox due to the privacy and age factor, users would hop to their favorite site but the unfortunate news is that this website has been taken down for obvious reasons.

Another reason why condo games on Roblox are hidden is that they are tightly locked and are often detected by the authorities and taken down. Some suspect that was also taken down because of the explicity factor.

Despite the fact that Condo games on Roblox are difficult to find and the website to find those servers has been taken down, this article has come to your rescue as we’ll be telling different ways you can find condo games on Roblox and play your favorite adult games.

Why is it Difficult to Find Condo Games on Roblox?

According to recent reports published by BBC, parents are concerned about what their children will be playing in video games. Roblox Games allow you to have a naked avatar and pretend that you’re having a sexual interaction with other characters and children seeing that would be inappropriate.

For that problem, the community made it difficult to not only find but to access condo games on Roblox. And this may be the reason why you’re here, searching for a condo game. Don’t worry, this article contains details about where to find condo games.

How to Find Condo Games on Roblox after is Down?

Now that our favorite website is down, here are some tips and tricks to find condo games on Roblox so that your explicit experience in the virtual world isn’t disturbed at all.

Use the Search Bar on Roblox

This is one of the simplest ways to find your favorite, or any, condo game on Roblox. What you need to do is to type “Condo Games” or “18+” in the search bar and you will most probably find relevant results containing condo games. However, their result is not always correct and these days privacy and censorship issues prevent these results to be shown to everyone.

Find a Condo Game and Search it By the Server Name

Another way of finding condo game servers on Roblox is by knowing the name of the server and then joining. For example, the above method is limited to what you type, such as “18+” or “Condo Games.” 

In this next example, we will type the name of the exact server that may still be working and you can join to fulfill your desires. The bonus is that we will be sharing some of the servers and their names that you can join for playing Roblox condo games.

Join Discord Servers for Condos in Roblox

This is one of the most important yet underrated methods to play condos in Roblox. Most people get on the internet to find condo servers and use the website to access servers but often ignore joining relevant Discord servers.

Private communities in Roblox Condos like to keep themselves out from the cloud and that’s why they use private methods such as Discord to let only those who are part of the community.

Some of the Discord condo communities are mentioned below:

Best Condo Games to Play in Roblox

After providing you with some of the most active Discord servers where you can find Condo games, we are still not done. This section will list and briefly describe some of the most popular condo servers/games on Roblox that you can play and have fun with your mating partner as you do the deed.

Note: Since their server links change with time, you’d have to type in each of them in the Roblox search bar to access these condos.

  • Dance Club

The Dance Club is one of the most played condos in Roblox due to its explicit nature and the adult games that people play in it. Even though it may seem fun for adults, we highly discourage those who are less than 18 to play this game as it may contain nasty content for them.

Shower Simulator

As the name suggests, Shower Simulator is a condo server that lets you character shower with other participants and share “hot” moments in the server.

As it goes without saying, this is also an 18+ server that lets you play and enjoy the explicit moments in the virtual world of Roblox that you can’t do anywhere else.

These two condos won’t accept you at first because most probably you’ll be new to them. However, you may talk to the admins to give you a green light, and then you can enjoy your hot moments with hot participants in such condos.

Bonus – CondoGames Server

If you still want to find out more about these servers and have been reading this article, we may have a surprise for you. We are sharing the official discord server with you but do keep in mind that it is highly likely that these invite links expire before you know it.

CondoGames.XYZ Discord Server – Join Now

There is no guarantee that by the time you’re reading this article and the invite link is still working but as we talked to the admins, they have told us that they’ll keep the link and server active as long as possible. 

Final Words

People just want to have fun in their own way. Some would think that it is inappropriate to play such games but we live in a free world where, as long as we are not hurting anyone, we should be able to play whatever we want. It’s just a game, right?

One thing they did was to remove most of the servers but don’t worry! We’ve solved that problem for you by providing you with some of the most effective methods to find Roblox condos for free and most of them will be working for you.

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