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Black Clover Episode 171 Release Date – Will There Ever Be Episode 171?

Have you binge-watched all four seasons of Black Clovers? Let’s find out when episode 171 will be released.

`Black Clover’ is an anime show that keeps you hooked; you always keep wondering what will happen in the next episode. Now, We’re guessing that you’ve already watched all the 170 episodes of Black Clover, and now you’re wondering when Episode 171 will be released.

This article contains all the information about when Black Clover Episode 171 will release. Or Will there ever be an episode 171?


Black Clover

`Directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara and Roko Ogiwara, Black Clover is a Japanese action and fantasy anime. Its first episode was aired on October 3rd, 2017. It ran for four years, with Season 4 – totaling 170 episodes – ending on March 30th, 2021.

Black Clover
Image source: Black Clover by k9k992

Since then, there have been searches all over the internet about when Season 5 will come out. 

Note: You can watch Black Clover on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

The Story

Black Clover is a story about Asta and Yuno, who were both abandoned in the same church, where they made a bond with each other. When they were children, they promised each other that they keep competing against each other and find out who gets to be the next Wizard King.

As they kept growing up, their abilities as individuals also started to come out. While Asta kept training his body for endurance and strength, Yuno was a genius and knew almost every trick to control the magical powers he possessed.

At the age of 15, both were supposed to get their Grimoires. Yuno was the one who not only got his Grimoire but also got one with four leaves. On the other hand, Asta was the unfortunate one who didn’t get a Grimoire.

After this event, Yuno was threatened, and justice came to Asta as he got a Grimoire with five leaves – a black clover. As they both got what they wanted, they were on to the next adventure – their ultimate goal.

Black Clover is the story where Asta has to struggle at every step of his life. The reason why is that he grew up in poverty. Additionally, he possesses no magical powers at all. It is not easy to live in a world where magic is everything. 

Black Clover is the story where Asta has to struggle at every step of his life.
Image source: Screenshot

As Asta is keen to become the number one man, the Magic Knights – an elite force – see his potential and bring him into the force. From then, the show is all about how Asta covers his journey to become the kingdom’s most powerful man.

What Happens At The End of Season 4? (Episode 170)

The last episode of Black Clover is titled “The Faraway Future.”

In Episode 170 of Black Clover, the Clover Kingdom, and the Heart Kingdom join forces to fight the Spade Kingdom. This fight is an effort to bring William and Yami out of the control of the Dark Triad.

What Happens At The End of Season 4? (Episode 170)
Image source: Screenshot

What Might Happen In The Upcoming Episodes? (Might Be Spoilers)

From what we’ve seen on the show and the fan theories going around the internet, there can be a series of events in the coming episode of Black Clover. So, let’s discuss the manga where Nacht is all set to teach Asta some magical spells.

What Might Happen In The Upcoming Episodes? (Might Be Spoilers)

Not only any magical spell but the most powerful magic tactic in the world – the Devil Union tactic. Since Liebe is actually a low-level demon, one may suspect his abilities, but this guy is the real deal. Liebe possesses the power of Anti-Magic. 

In the upcoming episode, we will most likely see Liebe and Asta working together to improve their skills for the battles to come. Nacht, in the meanwhile, wants to invade the Spade Kingdom.

Black Clover Episode 171 – Will It Ever Be Released?

To answer this vague – or not so vague – question, let’s go back a bit about what the producers have to say about the story. Some say that the story completes as Episode 170 ends. Others, on the other hand, would argue that the show was supposed to continue, but due to some reason, it was canceled.

To conclude what information we’ve gathered around the internet, it is unlikely that the show is coming back with Episode 171 anywhere in the near future. 

However, we have good news for Black Clover fans as the Black Clover movie is going to be released soon.

Black Clover Movie – Official Teaser Trailer

After some time, there was also a 30-second clip released of the movie. Although, it didn’t reveal any story about the upcoming movie.

When Will Black Clover Movie Be Released?

As we watch this action-packed trailer, we find ourselves not being able to watch this film in theaters. With that, the question arises, when will we be able to watch it?

The answer is that there is no confirmed release date for the movie yet

AnimeUniverse has stated that the film will be premiered in 2023 on the 7th anniversary of Black Clover. The release date, however, will be made public at a later date.

Can Black Clover Film Come On October 3rd, 2023? (7th Anniversary)

Even though the studio hasn’t given us a confirmed movie’s official release date, they have given away that the film is an “adoption to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the series.”

From this statement, we can take a wild guess that the movie might be released on October 3rd, 2023.

Final Words

After watching an anime as interesting as Black Clover, everyone wants to watch more action-packed scenes full of suspense.

Coming to the upcoming episodes of Black Clover, the series might not come out anytime sooner because there is no official statement about the series. 

However, the Black Clover movie is coming out in 2023, and we are optimistic that the movie will get such a positive response that the producers will be forced to bring back the original series for the fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Black Clover continue in 2022?

Black Clover will not be continuing in 2022. The Black Clover movie is coming out in 2023 – we might see the series come back after the movie.

When’s the next episode of Black Clover?

The internet says that the story concluded in episode 170, but we are keen that if there is a place for The Black Clover (2023) movie, there is space for the series to continue for episode 171 and onwards. 

Will There be more Black Clover episodes after 170?

It is unlikely that Black Clover will continue after episode 170 in the near future. However, producers might be working silently, and we might see the series continue after the Black Clover (2023) film.

What is Black Clover latest episode?

Black Clover’s latest episode is 170. The series ends with Episode 170. In the future, there may be more episodes – Maybe after the Black Clover movie that’s going to be released in 2023.

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