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Walmart Gift Cards: Explained (Balance, Activation, Avoid Scams)

Wanna know all the walmart gift cards? You’ve come to the right place. 

If you get your grocery from Walmart, you know what a Walmart gift card is. Well, you’ve got a gift card, what to do with it? How to use it? How to check its expiration date? Is it even legit? These are the questions that are asked by Walmart shoppers and we’re going to answer them here. 

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about Walmart gift cards and much more. 



Walmart gift card, also known as Specialty Gift Card is something that can be used to get a discount on your current bill. On their website, there are many different categories from which you can choose to buy and avail yourself of some handsome discounts. 

Walmart gift cards are a convenient way of getting exclusive discounts and perks. For example, if you get membership cards, you get exclusive discounts and perks only YOU will get. 

Walmart+ Annual Membership Gift Card

Costing $98 on the website, the Walmart+ Annual Membership Gift Card is full of perks and benefits. No matter where you are in the United States, you’ll get this card in around 4-5 days after you order it. 

The following is the list of benefits you get from this annual membership card. 

  • Order as often as you want for free
  • Free delivery (literally 0$)
  • 100% fresh groceries
  • Fast Delivery (as soon as same day)
  • Low prices exclusively
  • No Minimum order required
  • Free next day and two-day delivery
  • Huge assortment of eligible products

Marilyn from Houston, TX, finds this member very convenient. As a mom of 5, she doesn’t have time to wait for groceries for days and then cook. She orders groceries before her shift, and when she gets home, everything is already there ready to be cooked.

$200 Vanilla Mastercard Celebration Dots GIft Card

If you’re invited to a birthday party and you don’t know what gift to bring, a gift is the best solution. Birthday parties are amazing. There’s cake, pizza, soda, and most importantly, your favorite kind of people. 

When we go to birthday parties, we can’t usually decide what to bring for the birthday boy/girl. If you’re not REALLY close to that person, it becomes extremely difficult for you to choose an appropriate gift for them. 

So, what to do? What to gift them? Cash? No. Giving them cash is a little awkward. How about a gift card that has some credit? They’ll like that. 

The $200 Vanilla Mastercard Celebration Dots Gift Card is made specifically for Birthday and Parties. Instead of choosing a gift, just buy this one and gift them. They can use this card on any Walmart store nationwide.

If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend $200 on a gift card, consider buying a $50 Vanilla Visa Gift Box Gift Card. It serves the same purpose but has a credit of $50. 

Where Can you Use Walmart Gift Cards?

All Walmart gift cards can be used anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico. Apart from Walmart stores, the gift cards can be used at Sam’s Club as well. If we were to talk about websites, these cards can also be used at both and There are some selected Murphy USA Fuel Stations where you can use Walmart gift cards. 

Where to Buy a Walmart Gift Card?

If you’ve decided that Walmart gift cards are for you and you’re ready to avail their countless benefits, let’s find out where to buy and WHERE NOT TO “BUY” THEM.

Yes, we wrote that in block letters so that you don’t get scammed on the internet. In this article, we’ll tell you all the legitimate sources to buy Walmart gift cards and also, we’ll tell you about some scam websites that pretend to be original Walmart sites but steal your data and eat your Walmart gift card credit. 

Legit: Walmart Store

If you wanna buy a Walmart gift card, the best place to go is a legitimate Walmart store. Go to the store, see if there’s a section where gift cards are available. If you don’t have time to explore the whole store, just go to the cash counter and ask them to give you a Walmart gift card.

And boom! You bought a Walmart gift card without getting scammed. 

Note: Always make sure the card is sealed. If the seal is found broken, Do. Not. Buy. the. Card.


Since the gift cards are all about convenience, you can buy a Walmart gift card without having to go to the Walmart store. 

Just go to the Walmart website, and you’ll see a section for gift cards. There, you can choose from a huge variety of gift cards ranging from cheap to expensive. When you click on a gift card, you’ll see all of its perks and benefits. 

Image source:


This website is a scam. Period. The website claims to solve your gift card solutions by asking you to enter your gift card number and other details. Do not enter anything on this website. You know what’s better, don’t even go to this website. 

There’s been a lot of complaints from gift card users that their Walmart gift card got hacked. Some said that it was declined when they tried to pay while others said that it’s balance was Zero, and they had just bought it. 

The reason why most people get scammed is that they put their card information in these websites. Let’s say that you want to check your walmart gift card balance and you google “Check walmart gift card balance”. You will get one or two legit results and the other results are a scam. 

This is what a scam website looks like:

Ask yourself, why is it asking too much information? The original website won’t ask you such things. Do not enter your gift card information there or you’ll be scammed. Be Aware!

People put their information in these scam websites. We recommend you only check your balance from the original Walmart website. 

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance? (without getting scammed)

There’s only one legitimate way to check your gift card balance. That is, again, the legitimate Walmart website. 

To check your gift card balance, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Hover over the “Services” tab, and click on Registry, Lists, and Gifts. 

Step 3: Click on Gift Cards, and it’ll lead to the gift card page. 

Step 4: On the gift cards page, scroll down to a tile named “Check Your Balance”,and click on the tile. 

Step 5: You’ll see the following screen. 

As you can see above, put your card number in the left field and PIN in the right field. Click on Get Card Balance and your card balance will be displayed. 

(If you can’t find your card number and PIN, just flip your card. It’s on the back of your card.)

Don’t Have a Physical Card?

If you don’t have a physical gift card, how do you check its balance? Checking the balance of an eGift card is a little different. The physical card has a PIN on the back but the eGift card does not. 

The PIN of the eGift Card is in the confirmation email. So, if you want to check an eGift card’s balance, get the PIN from the confirmation email and follow the same instructions shown in Step 5. 

All Legit, No Scam

See? When you went to the original Walmart website, you didn’t have to put a lot of details. Only the necessary information was asked of you by the website to show you the gift card balance. 

Is Your Bill More than Your Gift Card Balance?

We use gift cards to replace cash. But what if the bill is more than the gift card balance? We always recommend that you don’t entirely rely on gift cards. Sometimes, your bill might exceed what you have in your gift card. In this case, you can pay the remaining amount via cash or debit/credit card. 

What to Do if Your Walmart Gift Card is Lost or Stolen?

Lost your gift card? Don’t worry, Walmart has you covered (kinda). 

On their website, they recommend that you call at 1-800-411-7942 as soon as the card is lost or stolen. Upon calling, they will block the lost card and issue you another new card with the same remaining balance. Do keep in mind that they need to verify it’s your own card so don’t lose your receipts. 

If you intend to use Walmart gift cards, keep in mind these terms and conditions set forth by Walmart:

  • The Gift Cards are not for resale
  • When you buy one, Walmart won’t return the card
  • Don’t use Walmart gift cards for Promotions. 
  • Walmart doesn’t like affiliations
  • No more than Five cards can be linked with your Walmart account
  • Walmart Gift Cards DO NOT expire. 

Some of these cards can be reloaded. The minimum amount you can reload is $10 white the maximum amount is $100 at once. 

The maximum amount you can have in your Gift card is $1000. 

Final Thoughts

Gift cards can make our lives easier for sure. With everyone ditching cash and going cashless, gift cards (especially eGift cards) can come in handy. While some use these cards to save some money on discounts, some use them for their efficiency and other exclusive benefits. 

You can gift your loved one a Walmart gift card if you don’t like cash. Keep in mind that these cards can be vulnerable to internet scams so don’t put your gift card information to any of the illegitimate websites other than

Frequently Asked Questions about Walmartgiftcard Com

This section is dedicated to QnA about Gift Cards. 

How do I activate my Walmart Visa card?

Walmart Visa cards are ready to use. If you’ve got a Walmart Visa card and want to use it for discounts or just wanna use its credit, just take your card to the cashier and they’ll swipe your card. You can also activate your Gift card by adding it to your Walmart account. 

Can I check my gift card balance online?

Yes, you can. In the case of a Walmart gift card, go to . 

Put your card number and PIN and click Get Balance. Your gift card balance will be displayed. 

How do I check my Walmart gift card balance online?

Go to the walmart website, hover over the Services tab, click on Registry, Lists, and Gifts and then click Gift Cards. After that, scroll down to Check my Balance tile, click on it and put your card details there and click Get Card Balance.  (only Card No. and PIN)

How do I activate my Walmart gift card online?

To activate your Walmart gift card online, > Sign in to your Walmart account > Click on Account (Lower right corner of your screen) > Add New Payment Method > Gift CardEnter your card number (16 digits) and PIN that’s located on the back of your card > Get Balance.

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