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Things Only Book Fans Know About The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The One Ring is the most important thing in The Lord of the Rings since the story is about how two Hobbits go on a journey to destroy Sauron’s hold on the world. But there are 19 more Rings of Power that are very important to what happens before and after the 3rd Middle-earth Aged. They have first mentioned in the famous rhyme, “3 Rings for the 11 kings in the horizon, 7 Rings for the lords of Dwarf in their rock halls, and 9 Rings for Mortal Men who are destined to die.” The Rings of Power are complicated and full of political intrigue, but the movie version leaves out large parts of their history. You can watch this series at 123 movies.


Sauron Uses Annatar to Defraud the Elves

The Elves don’t forget that Sauron was Morgoth’s loyal lieutenant in the First Age. This is why he first tries to get the Men to join him. But he soon realizes that the only real way to get and keep power is to work with the Elves, even if it’s just for a short time. So, Sauron creates a made-up being called Annatar in the Second Age, which is when The Rings of Power will take place, and most Elven lands give him a warm welcome.

There Are Other Power Rings

There are twenty Great Rings of Power if you count the One Ring. But there are rumors that people are making so-called “lesser Rings,” but no one knows how many or what they are, and they never actually show up in Lord of the Rings. Histories show that these Rings didn’t have any gems or designs on them, which suggests that they were just a way to try out a new skill without wasting time and money on a failed Great Ring.

The Lesser Rings Could Still Be Effective

Even though not much is known about the so-called “lesser Rings,” one surprising fact suggests that their story may not have been told yet. Since the power of these rings is not tied to the power of the One Ring, it is possible that the destruction of the One Ring at the end of the Third Age did not make them useless. If these rings still had power after the One Ring was destroyed, they may still be important to the story of Middle Earth. Now that the bigger Rings of Power are just decorations, the smaller rings may have a bigger role in Lord of the Rings than anyone initially thought.

The Relationship Between Silmarils

The Silmarils of Fanor are the most important things that have ever been made, and they have caused a lot of death and destruction around the world. Earendil carries one of these on his gliding ship while the others drop into fiery depths and the sea. The Elven Rings of Power, Vilya, Narya, and Nenya, are based on air, fire, and water. This has a vague thematic connection to what Mandos says will happen to the Silmarils: that they will be lost to the elements of Arda.

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