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Watch Guide: Why Should You Consider Buying Oris Watches

Choosing a luxury timepiece can be a little tricky and overwhelming. With a long list of available luxury timepieces in the market, you may find it confusing sometimes. The best way to choose the best model and design is to learn more about each brand. Every luxury watch manufacturer has a unique way of executing its creativity and craftsmanship.

One of the pioneers in the watchmaking industry is Oris. It originated in 1904 and was founded by Paul Cattin and George Christian. This Swiss timepiece has over 100 years of experience in the industry. Through those years, they have released some of the best watches for various sporting events such as aviation and water sports. In this article, we will highlight some of the reasons why Oris watches are something that you should consider buying. Let’s take a look at each of these factors:


1. Variety of Collections

One of the best things about Oris watches is that it comes in a variety of designs and models. The company has released 7 major collections such as Aquis, Divers, Big Crown, Propilot, Propilot X, Atelier, and Classic. Here are some of the models that are worthy to include in your collection.

  • Classic Date Automatic Silver Dial 

If you are looking for a classy and elegant timepiece to wear on formal occasions, you should check out the Oris Classic Date Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch. It is made with a stainless steel case paired with a high-quality leather strap. What’s best about this is that it comes with a stylish silver guilloche finish and luminous rose gold-tone hands. This is also water-resistant and it’s an automatic timepiece with a 38-hour power reserve.

  • Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Silver Dial 

Another captivating Oris timepiece is the Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch. This timepiece is best for individuals who love to explore the wonders of the ocean. This is made with a stainless steel case and solid-round back case. It is paired with a highly durable rubber strap which is perfect for long exposure to water.

  • Aquis Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel

Another attractive timepiece with a unique feel on the dial is the Aquis Automatic Blue Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch. It’s a simple yet elegant watch built with stainless steel and automatic movement. This timepiece is also best to wear on travels because it comes with a small date window.

  • Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115 Manual-winding Skeleton Dial

One of the most expensive models in their collection is the Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115 Manual-winding Skeleton Dial Strap Men’s Watch. It is made with titanium and high-quality leather. What’s more stunning about this timepiece is the Tonneau shape which is both unique and eye-catching. It comes with Superluminova hands and indexes that stand out with the skeletal design. It runs using Oris Caliber 115 movement which has a 240-hour power reserve.

  • Chronoris Limited Edition Automatic Black Dial

A fusion of creativity and excellence, the Chronoris Limited Edition Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch is worthy of your investment. This timepiece has a sophisticated black dial paired with red and white indexes and hands. It is also built with high-quality steel and a round-shaped case paired with a brown leather strap. It runs with Oris 673 movement, which is an automatic timepiece with a 48-hours power reserve. It’s also best to wear during outdoor activities because it has a water resistance of up to 100m.

2. In-house Movements

Oris also prides itself on its in-house movements. It’s a combination of automatic and Quartz movements that are built with more innovative and advanced technology. These movements are highly architectured and equipped with elevated anti-magnetism levels. This has the capacity to survive for up to 10 years or more. Moreover, each of the movements produced by Oris has a 5-day power reserve when fully wound. It’s not high performing but also low maintenance as well. Some of its more powerful movements such as Calibre 115 and 114 have a power reserve of up to 10 days. It means that you don’t need to wound it again after those days.

3. Excellent Engineering

All these principles will not materialize if not for the excellent engineering of their timepieces. As a Swiss timepiece, Oris makes sure that they will manufacture timepieces that can survive for many generations. You can be sure that, with proper maintenance and care, the watch you purchased today will be as good as new even if you pass it on to the children of your children.

4. Innovative Manufacturing

Innovation and authenticity are very important for Oris. These two are the most special characteristics of every Oris watch. They make sure to always include innovative features and advanced performance in all their releases. In that way, every Oris watch owner can enjoy their timepieces for a longer period with less maintenance requirement.

5. Availability of Stocks

Oris’ main office is located in Switzerland. This is where they create all the timepieces that they release around the world. However, purchasing this model is not hard. There are a lot of Oris watch boutiques worldwide where you can buy these timepieces. However, if you don’t happen to live nearby any of these stores, you can also purchase an Oris watch at any accredited third-party seller.

6. Value for Money

At the end of the day, a luxury timepiece is an investment. Because of that, it’s best to know more about the market performance of the brand before you make any purchase. What you want is to look for a timepiece that will be more valuable as it ages. Oris is one of those timepieces. Since the company has a strong foundation and market releases over the years, this highly-coveted timepiece may cost double its original price, especially for limited edition models.

Key takeaway

Before you settle for a luxury watch brand, make sure that it offers more than just excellence. A luxury timepiece like Oris is strengthened through the years, making it possible to create highly coveted timepieces. Shop for an Oris watch today. Visit to get more inspiration.

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