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Discover How Brazilians Live in Brisbane

Deciding to spend time in another country is a task that requires a lot of planning, and the first step is choosing your destination. This point is of great importance, as you must carefully assess whether the chosen location suits your style, so that you can get the most out of your trip.

So, to help you choose an amazing place, this post will show you the wonders you will find in Brisbane, one of the wonderful study cities in Australia. Interested? Read this post to the end and find out what life is like for Brazilians in Brisbane!


The life of Brazilians in Brisbane

In Brisbane, there are several Brazilians who decided to spend a season there in order to work, study or travel. Even with different purposes, the good feeling of welcoming Brazilians in this city is practically unanimous.

After all, you can’t not like a modern city, full of trees, clean and with good opportunities, don’t you think? But before making the decision to go to this place, make sure that everything it has to offer is what you are looking for. Nobody wants to spend a season in a place that has nothing to do with their tastes, right?

What you need to know before going to Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland. It has more than 2 million inhabitants and has the wonderful characteristic of being a calm city, despite being large and developed. So, if you’ve already started to like this amazing place, check out below the main details you need to get inside before packing your bags and leaving for Brisbane.


Good news for anyone who loves sun and heat: Brisbane is hot practically all year round. The annual average temperature is 30℃ and it is hardly less than 5℃. Thus, in summer, the weather is more humid and in winter, which is very short, the temperature is milder. In addition, the rains are very low there. Thus, Brazilians in Brisbane feel at home due to this type of climate, which ends up favoring the practice of outdoor activities, such as balloon rides, parks, zoos and other attractions.

Work and study

Brisbane offers good job opportunities and quality schools and universities. Many Brazilians decide to go there in search of new experiences and many are satisfied with everything they find in the city.

In this place, there are great possibilities for studies, and you can choose English courses according to your area of interest, such as, for example, classes to improve your fluency in the language or to prepare you for admission to some universities.

In addition, you have the possibility to work and study at the same time. After all, a little extra money to help with studies is always welcome, isn’t it?


The city of Brisbane offers good leisure options, such as bars, restaurants and parks. But if you are one of those who like to exercise, know that this place offers good sports practices for its residents, such as football, golf, running, among others.

Brisbane also has excellent nightlife options for those who like more excitement. There you will find casinos, nightclubs and many other amusements.

Some tourist attractions in the city are:


This is Australia’s largest contemporary art gallery. It is an excellent option for those who like a more cultural tour;

The Parklands:

is an artificial beach located inside the city. In this place, there are green areas that are great for picnics. In addition, there is a Ferris wheel that provides a privileged view of the city;

Mount Coot-tha Lookout:

It is approximately 8 km away from Brisbane. It is surrounded by native forest and has an enchanting view of the city.


This amazing city in Australia is well known for its landscaping. In almost every corner of the city, you can find many trees that make the region even more beautiful and pleasant. Practically the entire city has green spaces to make your eyes shine with such beauty. What’s more, in Brisbane you’ll also find an amazing botanical garden, which is close to downtown. It is formed by countless species of plants, artificial lake and lovely bonsai gardens.


The values to be spent on housing in Brisbane are much lower when compared to Sydney. Therefore, this is one of the reasons that makes so many Brazilians choose to spend a season in the capital of Queensland.

It is important to remember that you should only choose your place of residence after checking where you are going to work or study. This way you can significantly save on transport costs.


Because Brisbane is a developed city, you won’t have many problems with public transport. The buses that run between the neighborhoods are comfortable, safe and extremely punctual, in addition there are some routes that you can take for free.

In addition to this means of transport, the city offers CityCycle, which is a kind of bicycle rental, with the first 30 minutes being free.

Quality of life

Brisbane is a city with an excellent quality of life. There, there are almost no problems related to public safety, so it is a place full of tranquility. In summary: it is a developed city, but with the traits of a safe, calm and cozy environment.

Cost of living

When you compare Brisbane to cities like Melbourne and Sydney, your cost of living is super affordable. It has cheap transport options, rental values and leisure. In this way, the food in this place also has a very attractive price for those who will spend a season there. The coolest thing is that this city has a low cost of living, but without giving up the quality of the services it offers.


After reading this post and discovering the wonders of this city, it’s easy to understand why there are so many Brazilians in Brisbane, isn’t it? But before you decide to spend a season in this city, make sure it’s really what you’re looking for, because it won’t be productive for you to stay a few months in a place that doesn’t have your profile. However, if you’ve discovered that Brisbane is the city of your dreams, don’t waste any more time! Pack your bags and go live a unique experience.

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