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Pamper your teeth with Dr. Martin Schwarz’s dental aesthetic products.

Although there is a vast number of dental cosmetics available on the market, it is still challenging to find effective products addressed for particular oral care needs. Dr. Martin Schwarz – a German brand of dental products offers a variety of specialized oral care cosmetics tackling the most undesired dental issues & teeth imperfections.


Clean your teeth from unwanted microorganisms & dental plaque

According to scientific research as well as the opinion of dental experts, dental plaque is the major factor responsible for tartar formation and periodontal diseases occurrence. Its described as a thin transparent biofilm made from the accumulation of unwanted bacteria, microorganisms and mixed with organic food particles that stick to the teeth surface. Such concoction of undesired elements comes in inter-dental areas & covers our teeth and if not removed – transforms into tartar. Bioscaling dental gel by Dr. Martin Schwarz stops these processes by removing dental plaque and providing long-lasting protection to the teeth. This antiseptic dental gel can be used via mouth trays for 30 min applications or simply via toothbrush for a common brushing session. Its super-low RDA = 7 proves the gel does not have abrasive features with providing super-effective cleaning features – visible after very first brushing! If you try Bioscaling, you will discover a completely new standard of clean teeth!

Bioscaling gel for dental plaque removal by Dr. Martin Schwarz

Ease the discomfort of sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is described by dental specialists as one of the most common issues that patients face. Its usually caused by thermal factors, exposure to acidic products, brushing habits, application of other dental preparations such as teeth whiteners. As a variety of common desensitizing toothpaste does not provide instant relief from sensitivity discomfort, achieving desired relief can take several days. Having that in mind Dr. Martin Schwarz has developed a new generation teeth desensitizer – Teeth Desensitiser TD – that instantly eliminates tooth sensitivity of even intensive, chronic nature. Just 3 min brushing session or application via mouth trays provides the immediate result and desired relief. If you do not want to wait for a common desensitizing toothpaste to deliver results – simply try Teeth Desensitiser TD by Dr. Martin Schwarz. It will completely change your perception of teeth sensitivity problems!

Brighten the shade of your teeth

For people who wish to achieve a gleaming white smile, Dr. Martin Schwarz offers one of their certified teeth whiteners. Home Comfort+ removes organic discoloration from the teeth surface and restores natural teeth color. It brightens the teeth up to 1-2 shades. Expert 20% is a teeth whitener addressed for patients with sensitive teeth. Its new generation carbamide peroxide formula -with H2O2 equivalent of <6% – delivers visible results without tooth sensitivity. Expert20 is reported to brighten the teeth up to 5 tones. Finally, Expert38 is a teeth whitening gel dedicated to patients with high aesthetic expectations. Its carbamide peroxide formula with hydrogen peroxide equivalent of <6% effectively brightens the teeth shade up to 8 tones. Usually, the first application is made by a dentist and the remaining amount of the product is given to the patients for at-home whitening treatment. To effectively whiten the teeth at home with the use of Expert38 (as well as Expert20) creation a set of custom-made dental trays is advised. A vast majority of Expert38 users do not report post-treatment tooth sensitivity, but such temporal discomfort may occur.

Expert38 whitening gel – 6% h2o2 whitener for at home use | Dr. Martin Schwarz
Dr. Martin Schwarz is a German brand of innovative dental cosmetics from Frankfurt (Oder). To deliver a healthy, beautiful & white smile, the brand has crafted a range of specialized dental gels including teeth whiteners, gels for dental plaque removal, teeth desensitizing gels, and others. Products are used by both professionals for in-office dental treatments and by end-users for at-home applications. All products are safe, effective, meet the latest EU requirements and German quality standards proven by registration in CPNP.

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