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Creed Cologne by Dossier.Co (Musky Oakmoss) – Complete Review 2023

Creed’s Aventus or its alternative can be bought on and is one of the best colognes money can buy. Read further for complete details and a review of the perfume.

People generally prefer buying luxury perfumes such as Dior, Chanel, and Tom Ford but there are some smart ones – us – who like to keep it simple and buy the best value for money.

In this case, the best value for money that most people find is the Creed Aventus Cologne sold by for a reasonable price. Before we start telling you the details, we’d like to say that Creed Cologne-inspired Musky Oakmoss is one of the best investments you’ll ever make when it comes to perfumes.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the Creed Aventus by, along with some alternatives you can buy if you’re looking for a budget cologne – budget does not mean cheap or a knockoff.



Everybody wants to smell good, whether you’re going on a public event or a date, you just wanna smell good and make a good first impression without having to spend bank on a good cologne. Lucky for people like us, while luxury brands try to rip us off by selling us mostly “useless”, not-worth-our-money perfumes, companies like Dossier have saved us by providing us with budget-friendly alternatives.

Musky Oak Moss

Musky Oak Moss
Image Source: Dossier

The Musky Oakmoss by Dossier is a budget cologne inspired by the expensive Creed Aventus that goes for more than $300. Containing around 15% concentration of the original Creed Aventus, the Musky Oakmoss costs only $49 for 50ml packaging.

What’s best about the Musky Oakmoss is that it smells EXACTLY like Creed Aventus and costs six times less with great packaging. Speaking of the packaging, let’s explore what the packaging contains.


Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum (15% concentration)

Top Notes




Middle Notes


Birth Leaf


Base Notes




What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box?

When you open the beautiful box, the first thing you see is the Musky Oakmoss letter thanking you for your purchase. After that, you are provided with a decant that contains the same perfume that you can first try. 

Dossier offers you a free decant with the spray bottle – if you like the perfume from the decant, keep the bottle. If you don’t like the decant, you can return the perfume without spraying the bottle and you get a full refund. (You still get to keep the decant for free)

Musky Oakmoss – Honest Review (does it actually smell like Creed Aventus)

We did tell you about the technical stuff about the Creed Avetus and the Musky Oakmoss but how well does it perform when compared to the original, expensive Creed Aventus?

In our honest opinion, the Musky Oakmoss by Dossier has done a great job by combining all the right notes to make it spot on.

The Smell?

When compared to Creed Aventus, the Musky Oakmoss smells 99% the same. If you’ve been using the original Creed Aventus for a while now, smelling the Musky Oakmoss will be nostalgic for the original one. The reason why is that one, it contains a 15% concentration of the Creed Aventus, and two, the notes are near perfect, creating an almost perfect smell of the original one.

The Musky Oakmoss definitely smells like Creed Aventus with an inclination towards pinnable but not the smokey aspects, reminding you of the 19S11 batch if you’ve ever had one. The blackcurrant and the smokiness are there but not overpowering. The rose and muskiness also start showing up after you’ve applied it with a slight touch of Amber.

The new batches of the original Creed Aventus are also pineapple heavy and have less smokiness; the Musky Oakmoss is the accurate representation of that. What’s best is that it doesn’t smell like a master copy or even an inspired-by cologne; it is THE Creed Aventus. 

To sum up, the Musky Oakmoos by Dossier is a VERY accurate representation of the Creed Aventus at a cheaper price of only $49, compared to the Creed Avetus’s $335 price tag.

Should You buy the Musky Oakmoss instead of Creed Aventus Cologne by

If you’ve been waiting for a copy or even a master copy of the Creed Aventus, we’ve reviewed the Musky Oakmoss that’s inspired by the Creed Aventus, which smells exactly the same at less price.

Here are three reasons why you should buy the Musky Oakmoss:

Smell Exactly the same: The Musky Oakmoss smells exactly the same as the original Creed Aventus.

Cheaper Price: The original Creed Aventus costs $335 while the Musky Oakmoss is only $49.

Not a Cheap Knockoff: The Musky Oakmoss is not a master copy of the original, but an inspired cologne by a legit brand Dossier, that smells exactly the same as the original one.

Dossier Perfumes – How do they keep Affordable Prices? Are they Legit?

Now that we know Dossier made a pretty good inspired perfume of the original Creed Aventus, a question arises in everyone’s mind how can they produce the identical product at a significantly cheaper price and keep the same quality and the name brand?

The first thing we noticed while researching their business module is their simple and generic packaging. Unlike designer names, Dossier won’t entertain you with exotic boxes. Secondly, their direct business-to-consumer model also helps them reduce the overall cost of the product as it doesn’t involve unnecessary retail markups.

Despite using high-quality material for the product itself, Dossier uses 100% recycled glass for its perfume bottles. As we said earlier, Dossier does not charge you for its name as it’s got pretty generic branding; when you buy a Dossier cologne, you are paying for the high-quality product and ingredients used to make the perfume, not for the luxury brand name.

Final Verdict?

Dossier is one of the best alternatives when it comes to buying luxury perfumes for a lesser price. This article reviewed the Musky Oakmoss, which is a Creed Aventus-inspired cologne by; they are identical in smell and quality.

We recommend you never go for any expensive luxury brand just because of the brand name. Dossier has proved that you don’t need a lot of money by the Musky Oak alternative to the Creed Aventus.

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