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Duonao – Massive HD Videos Watch Online for Free (Find All Working Links)

Duonao, also known as the IYF.TV in China and the US is an online movie and film streaming platform where you can watch your favorite shows for free.

People everywhere around the world want to watch their favorite shows but there is one thing keeping them from watching them – the hefty subscription fee. 

One must assume that you need to buy Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and even HBO subscriptions to watch them all but what if we told you about that one platform, where you can watch all kinds of Asian, especially Chinese content for free without paying anything? 

In this article, we will review Duonao, one of the most famous Movie and TV streaming services in the world that works like a charm no matter where you are in the world.


Duonao – A Platform to Watch Unlimited Movies for Free

Nowadays, Duonao has become so successful and popular that everyone is talking about this groundbreaking video streaming service. The website is so full of TV shows that as soon as you open it, you are flooded with tons of choices.

For some, TV shows are so many in quantity that users usually get confused about which movie or show to watch; they are endlessly scrolling through the massive collection of content. 

Duonao contains almost all the genres and categories in the world of cinema and TV. For example, if you want to watch something as mind-bending as Inception, you will have to look no further.

Why Duonao is the Best Platform to Watch your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

You’ve read that we’re bragging about how excellent Duonao is, let’s talk about the actual benefits of using this video streaming service that any other.

Huge Database of Movies and TV Shows

One of the reasons why people use Duonao is because they offer a huge collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch. You can watch any genre, from mystery to comedy, there is everything you need to watch and have fun.

Free Content

Whenever someone hears about a huge collection of movies, they think hefty subscription amount but that’s not the case with Duonao – you can watch everything for free.

Uncensored Content

There is no restriction on what kind of movies are uploaded, you can watch all the movies without any restrictions.


Unlike most free websites where you can access it from a specific location in the world, this website does not face any of these problems because you can access it and watch movies from anywhere in the world.

Duonao Has a VIP Subscription too (It’s Cheap)

The Blu-ray VIP 4K subscription is one of the most elite subscriptions you’ll ever get thanks to its unbelievable benefits and ultra-clear video quality. When you subscribe to this VIP package, most of the supported movies you see will be shown via advanced encoding technologies so that no moment is missed.

Duonao Has a VIP Subscription too (It’s Cheap)
Image Source: IYF.TV

The yearly subscription will cost you around $120 which is 10 dollars a month for 4K exclusive content.

Does Duonao Often Change Its URL? 

As good as these websites can be, they need to keep changing their URL from time to time due to some privacy and copyright issues. Take Kickass torrents for example. Kickass needs to keep changing its website’s URL and so does Duonao.

As a matter of fact, any website that offers such a huge collection of informative content including a flood of movies and famous TV shows. The same goes for Duonao which is the reason why you’ll come across different names and URLs for this website which can be confusing at times.

One good example is that the website is using IYF.TV which cannot be confirmed if it’s the legit URL for that or not. One good thing is that it comes at the top when searched and contains all the content that Duonao would offer otherwise.

Best Alternative URLs to Duonao – 100% Working

As we said earlier, there may be some times when you may have issues with accessing the original website for watching your favorite movies, so we’ve compiled a list of links and verified URLs that you can type in your search bar and start watching your favorite content right away.


IYF.TV (Ai Yifan) is one of the websites that claim to be the alternative for Duonao. Upon extensive investigation and user reviews, we’ve come to the conclusion that Duonao does keep changing its URL and IYF.TV is a legit alternative to using the original one.


Duonaovod is the most underrated website and alternative because of the fact that it does not show up on search engines most of the time. When you want to watch some TV shows online with all the capabilities that the original one offers, we recommend you click on the link above and go straight to a website collecting all the content there is to cover.

Final Words

Even though you might like the idea of a one-solution-for-all website, Duonao isn’t far from perfect because you can watch everything for free without having to personal details to the website. 

Apart from the fact it often changes its URL (not always), the website is almost perfect as you can watch full HD content which is nowhere to be found on the internet for free.

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