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Honey Impact is Back Online After MiHoYo Legal Notice Drama

In September 2021, Genshin Impact sent a legal notice to Honey Impact and the website was down. Now, the website is back up and you can enjoy your daily leaks.

Honey Impact is an online database where you can find information about Genshin Impact characters. The database is so vast that it contains tons of inside information about the game’s exclusive events, along with the game’s leaks, which led MiHoYo to send legal notice to take it down.


Honey Impact and Why MiHoYo Sent a Legal Notice to the Database

The development team from MiHoYo wrote a legal notice to IONOS-AS Staff stating that they hold all the copyright to their underdevelopment game Genshin Impact and that the website Honey Impact is stealing their data which is illegal and the website should be taken down.

MiHoYo then complained that they own all the characters, weapons, maps, and source code of the game which the gamers cannot alter and publish on their own.

According to MiHoYo, the website Honey Impact would publish all the confidential information about their upcoming games and events even before MiHoYo. 

MiHoYo wanted to take down Honey Impact based on these accusations; to do that, they sent a notice to CloudFlare too, asking them to take down the hosting of Honey Impact. 

Honey Impact’s Response to MiHoYo’s Legal Notice and Claims

Honey Impact’s intention was never to “claim” any illegal rights to MiHoYo’s content. We, as a community, would rather help each other by using data-mined assets and the ever-green fandom wiki to answer each other’s concerns.

Honey Impact owners were saddened that MiHoYo didn’t even bother contacting the Honey Impact owners; rather, they send a legal notice to us asking not only us but also CouldFlare to take down the whole 130K pages website.

Fun Fact: Honey Impact is run by a solo developer.

To compensate for the legal notice, the developer took down the website for 24 hours and asked us to wait until further notice.

What was even more worrying about MiHoYo’s claim was that they were trying to take down the whole domain which was home to a lot of games and resources, not just Genshin Impact. 

The Fans Weren’t Happy About MiHoYo Taking Down Honey Impact

What @Honeydodogama (owner of Honey Impact) said about how the fans and the whole community use Honey Impact was absolutely 100% correct. The fans were furious about how MiHoYo just quietly tried to take down the website.

While some fans were angry, some tried to put some sense into both parties. Amiable on YouTube said the following:

“I completely understand story leaks and things of that nature, but character leaks and their materials are not an issue imo. They help players prepare early and save for upcoming characters that they desire. Taking away the availability of character information isn’t going to do any good when the majority of Genshin’s player base is f2p. Mihoyo should just show us the road map themselves so we can prepare without worry.”

The leakers weren’t happy as well – some of them permanently shut down their social accounts, stating that they are quitting the game and will never ever play the game because of MiHoYo’s attempt to hurt the real gamers. 

Honey Impact is Now Up and Running

The good news is that Honey Impact is now up and running despite all these baseless dirty politics played by MiHoYo in an attempt to hurt not only content creators but also their own fans. Genshin Impact is loved by everyone and the character leaks are rather healthy for the game as they let us prepare for what’s about to come next.

What is Honey Impact and Should it Even Exist?

After MiHoYo’s copyright claims about Honey Impact and how they allegedly steal the game’s personal information, there were many concerns raised by the community as well the as the critics that a website like Honey Impact shouldn’t exist. 

In our opinion, every game should have a centralized forum where like-minded gamers can hang out, chill, and share tips and tricks about the game. In such websites, like Honey Impact, there are occasionally some leaks that are just to help the community, not to hurt the game.

It seems that MiHoYo and Honey Impact didn’t come to an agreement and yet the Honey impact database is now up and running. According to the fans, they have forgiven MiHoYo and the database is now active and fuller than ever.

We’re back, migration complete.

There gonna be few changes to website soon:

+ Removal of watermarks

+ Removal of any copyrights related to MHY

THE LATTER WAS ACTUALLY USED FOR DMCA CLAIMS BY THEIR LAWYERS. We don’t want to keep cutting our balls, they are not worth mentioning,” – Honey Impact Owner Tweeted.

MiHoYo Failed to Take Down Honey Impact

That’s right! MiHoYo’s claim to take down the whole website instead of the Honey Impact pages was baseless and didn’t do anything but anger the fans as well as the Honey Impact owner. The website was back and now running like never before.

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