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TnShorts com – Best Apps to Download for Your Android Device in 2023

Download the best apps from TnShorts com, that cannot be found on the Google Play Store. You will find all useful apps such as Chat Lens Translator, Notch Island, or Battery Health tools in one place.

In this world of unlimited information and applications on the web, users find it almost impossible to find the one they want to download on their phones. According to research shared by Statista, mobile users download around 4 million apps each month on Android and 2 million on iOS devices.

This shows that the apps are being developed and users are downloading and trying new apps as they come. The question is how to find the best apps for you that you can download for free. Another problem faced by Android users is that not all the apps are available on the Google Play Store. 

In this article, we will review one of the most popular site TnShorts com in India where you can download the best Android apps and their APKs for free and a bonus! We shall be reviewing the best apps you can download on your phone in 2023.


TnShorts com is one of the best websites to download incredible mobile applications for free. In this era where developers are charging you hefty fees for almost useless apps, TnShorts comes to the rescue as they have an ocean of mobile applications for you to download and enjoy them.

In India, many websites were claiming to be the best but upon reviewing them, we’ve come to the conclusion that those sites were more talk and less do. They were full of ads and spam content just to get the users to download their useless apps that do nothing but bring annoying ads to your phone and disturb your online privacy.

TnShorts, on the other hand, doesn’t even claim to be the best but as the Vikings used to say, “He who has to tell people he is king is no king at all” fixes exactly in this scenario.

Why TnShorts is the Best Platform to Download Android Apps

We’ve been saying that TnShorts beats them all but this section is all about how it’s the best platform for downloading Android apps for your device.

The first reason why we chose Tn Shorts as the best platform for downloading android apps is the plethora of apps available on the platform. When you open the website for downloading a specific app, you’ll see that it’s not the only app available for download; You may see a large collection of similar apps that are available to download for free. 

Another thing that distinguishes TnShorts com from its competitors is that all of these apps are authentic applications to improve your productivity or make you use your phone’s capabilities to the fullest. 

Last but not least, the download process is as easy as from the Google Play store. All you have to do is to download the app, install it, and you’ll be using the app before you know it.

Best Apps to Download from Tnshorts For Your Android in 2023

As we know now that Tn shorts is awesome and all, it is time for us to tell you the best apps that you can download from and install on your phone and enjoy.

1. Old Phone Nokia Launcher

Old Phone Nokia Launcher

The Old Phone Nokia Launcher app can be downloaded from and you can enjoy the good old times of using an old monochromatic Nokia phone on your smartphone. This was one of the earlier phones and you now can download it on your Android to live your old times.

The app’s size is only 29MB and you can download it from both the Tnshorts website and Google Play Store

2. Magic Watch Password App

 Magic Watch Password App

The Magic Watch password app is for those who want to take their phone’s privacy to the next level. Once you install this app, your phone will be using it as a new password security method and you can flex on your friends as they try to unlock your phone and fail. The app size is relatively small – only 6MB.

3. Alpha Hybrid Launcher

Alpha Hybrid Launcher

After Nova and Google Pixel’s minimalistic launchers, the trend has shifted to using more aesthetic launchers and according to Tnshorts, the Alpha Hybrid Launcher completely changes the way your phone looks and behaves. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store and has a size of only 14 MB. The launcher has become so popular that it has been downloaded for more than 1 million now.

4. Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer


The Caller Name Announcer app will speak the name of the person who’s calling you. With this application, you won’t have to rush to your phone to read the name of the person calling you. If your friend “John” is calling you on your phone, the app will announce, “Incoming call from John”, or “John is calling you.”

The app has been downloaded more than 10 million times now, it shows that the users are loving it and you will too.

5. Neon LED Keyboard

Neon LED Keyboard

The Neon LED Keyboard will replace your traditional boring keyboard on your Android. With a lot of customization options that come within the app, you can choose from a range of LED schemas and patterns to your liking. The app has been downloaded from the Google Play Store over 50 million times and is merely 41 MB.

Final Words

We found some of the best apps to make your phone better for you and you can download these apps from the Play Store or the Tnshorts com website. Even though the website is still not to many people in India, we are sure that it will boom in society as soon as people get to know about the information and useful apps it contains.

Lastly, you can find tons of apps and reviews on while also reading some informational and technology-focused articles. If you have any questions about any of these apps or the website, do not hesitate to write us feedback.

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