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Duckduckgo 100m Jan. 2b Cimpanu Zdnet – The Web Browser Surpasses 100m Daily Searches

DuckDuckGo surpasses 100m searches and 2b monthly searches reported by Cimpanu on ZDNet, read more to know what’s more to come for the privacy-focused search engine.

DuckDuckGo is an internet search engine (also known as an internet privacy company) that prevents the Internet from exploiting your personal information such as your internet history, credit cards, and anything that can be used to invade your online privacy.

People nowadays see so many ads and they were skeptical about their privacy. Not long ago, some users started reporting that they were getting ads based on their search queries on the internet. 

At first, it was ignored but when everyone started feeling that, people started suing search companies such as Facebook and Google for stealing their data. 

When the cases went to court, some companies including Apple, Facebook, Huawei, and Google were heavily fined for stealing and selling their users’ data. To solve this problem, there was a private browser that no one had heard about before.


DuckDuckGo and How it Solved the Privacy Problem

DuckDuckGo is one of the most secure web search engines on the internet. It is considered that the browser is even more secure than using incognito mode on any traditional browser for hiding your identity on the internet.

Not only does it not store your search history but also it cannot track your online activities and search history.

DuckDuckGo 100m Searches in January Reported by Cimpanu ZDNET

The innovative web browser has achieved this milestone of successfully getting 100 million search queries for the first time ever. This clearly shows that internet folks are tired of their data being stolen and we, as people, want to take back control of our privacy.

DuckDuckGo 100m Searches in January Reported by Cimpanu ZDNET
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Not only that, the 100m search query report was published this Jan meaning that the DuckDuckGo search engine receives over 2 billion searches a month. Catalin Cimpanu, the security reporter at ZDNet made this report in January and posted the unforeseen milestone achieved by DuckDuckGo.

Who is Catalin Cimpanu from ZDNet?

Catalin Cimpanu was a security reporter and an investigator who worked full-time for the ZDNet franchise from September 2018 to February 2021. Some say that he would dig deep and investigate data that no traditional reporter could. The report about DuckDuckGo surpassing 100m daily searches in January 2021 was also reported by Cimpanu on ZDNet.

According to the report published by Catalin Cimpanu, the private search engine, DuckDuckGo, achieved this milestone in its 12-year-long history and was a huge win not only for the browser but also for the users. 

Cimpanu also highlighted that DuckDuckGo was seeing a growth spike since August 2020 – the search queries and the number of active users on the search engine went unusually high.

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When 2021 began, the web search engine started registering more than 2 billion monthly search queries on a regular basis which it hadn’t seen before since it was fully operational.

Who is Catalin Cimpanu from ZDNet?
Image Source: Backlinko

To put the number in context, Google, the world’s most popular search engine, registers over 5 billion monthly searches, and DuckDuckGo, an underrated yet some would say, better, search engine started registering 2 billion monthly search queries.

It is indeed a positive sign for ZDNET, Cimpanu, and most importantly, the users that the world is adopting new technologies.

The World Wants Privacy!

Twitter user @DHH, who also happens to be the creator of Ruby on Rails and the Cheif Technology Officer at 37signals, shared his thoughts that he’d been using DuckDuckGo for quite some time now and out of all the 20 queries he searches, he gets 19 results that are better than those of Google.

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