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Jayada wada: age, net worth, family, boyfriend, education

Jayada wada: age, net worth, family, boyfriend, education: A 23 year old Jayda Wayda Wiki well-known social online personality as well as Instagrammer, based within the United States, is currently one of the most popular users of Instagram with more than 2 million followers. The Instagrammer has been called “the most influential women” in the year 2018 according to Billboard Magazine.


Jayda Wayda Bio

Jayda Wayda, the Indian movie actress, who mostly is seen as a character in Malayalam films. Her debut came on the screen in 2012’s Malayalam film Paadakal. The year after, she appeared in the Tamil film, Papanasam. 

She also been featured in a number of Hindi films. Wayda was born on the 3rd of October, 1995 in Kochi, Kerala, to an Orthodox Christian family. She has two brothers and sisters. Wayda graduated from Holy Family Convent High School, Ernakulam and did her graduation from Mahatma Gandhi College for Women, Ernakulam.

Wayda began her career as model at 16 and was a part-time actress on the screen in 2012’s Malayalam film Paadakal with Vineeeth Sreenivasan. Her next film was the Tamil film in Tamil Papanasam with Jaiyeshaa along with Arjun Sarja, which came out on the 21st of January, 2016.

Jayda Wayda Age

Jayda Wayda is an Indian actress who has been featured as an actress in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. Her birth date was 16 September the 16th of September, 1992. She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The father of her is a physician as is her mother, who is an housewife. There are two brothers. Wayda has completed her education at Vivekananda Anglo Indian School in Chennai and received an education from the field of Psychology in Madras University. University of Madras.

Wayda began her acting career when she was just 10 years old in her first Tamil movie Vanakkam (2002). She followed that acting as a character in Aathiradhi (2003), Pudhu Veedu (2004) and Oru Naal Koothu (2005). She appeared in the Telugu film Swayamvaram with Akkineni Nagarjuna. 

The year 2008 saw her was a part-time actress in the Kannada film Mandara Geete, starring Raveendranath Santosh Kumar. The performances in these films resulted in her being chosen to play Simran for the 2009 Hindi movie Raees. She was also part of the Tamil movie Mersal (2018) written by Pa. Ranjith.

Jayda wada Family

Jayda wada Age: 22 Years

Value of net worth $0.6 million

Family The family includes: Mother, Father sister

Boyfriend: Not known

Education: Not yet known

Jayda wayda Boyfriend

Jayda Wayda Age: 18 years old

Jayada wayda Net Worth $2 million

Jayda wayda Family Two siblings and parents

Jayada wada Boyfriend: N/A

Jayda Wayda is an 18-year old American popular social media user with more than 2 million Instagram followers Instagram and more than 170,000 viewers on her channel on YouTube. In this post, we’ll discuss everything Jayda Wayda including her age net worth, her family as well as her boyfriend and educational.

Jayda Wayda Education

Jayda Wayda has been a popular Indian model and actress. She has been featured on screen in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. She has also appeared on television commercials as well as a number of reality television shows. 

Jayda was born the the 2nd of January, 1988 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India to parents Saravanan and Jayalakshmi. She has an older sister who is named Indu.

Jayda began modeling at eleven, when she appeared in the print ads for hair products. Then she appeared in other print ads and then made her debut in film with”Paarvai,” a Tamil movie “Paarvai” (2007). Since then, she’s appeared in more than thirty films. 

Recent films are “Kandukondain Kandukondain” (2011), “Pattinamai” (2012), “Neetha Magala Veedu” (2013) and “Ponnaraja” (2014). In addition to performing, Jayda is also active in the field of environmental awareness through her involvement with the non-profit group Team Green. 

In October of 2013 she was married Krishnan Unnikrishnan, an entrepreneur from Chennai. The couple has a one-year-old son, named Varum.

Jayada wayda

Education: College degree. Jayada has a business savvy who started her own company. She also holds a college degree. The woman is unemployed at present and searching for new work. When she is not working she loves to read or go out with her friends as well as listen to songs.

Jayada Wada is a 27-year-old media professional who is not yet reached her maximum potential. She’s not currently worth much, since she isn’t able to boast any significant properties or investment. 

Jayada is from Indian descent , and has been raised and born in the United States. She received her undergraduate education in Northeastern University in Massachusetts, where she was studying mass communication. 

Jayada then relocated into India to pursue an employment in journalism. In India, she began an online blog that shares her thoughts and experiences about different media-related topics. 

Her blog has garnered an enormous following on different social platforms principally due to her sincere and relatable style of writing. Jayada is currently living within Mumbai, India, where she is an editor on the web for a publication that focuses on lifestyle and fashion content.

Jayada cheaves age

Jayada wada is an actress aged 24 from India. She has appeared in a variety of Telugu as well as Tamil films. Her most well-known role was in the Tamil film “Nannaku Prematho,” which received her critical acclaim as well as numerous awards. Jayada has also been seen in a handful of Hindi films, and she is working currently on her debut English project.

Net worth: Jayada Wada is estimated to have a net worth of around $2 million. Her earnings from endorsements and appearances in films could contribute to the figure.

Familymembers: Jayada was born into an upper-middle class family. There are two siblings and a brother. Her father is a businessman.

Girlfriend Jayada was recently single. She has been involved in a number of romantic relationships , but none of them have been able to lead to marriage.

Schooling: Jayada completed her undergraduate studies in biotechnology at Hyderabad’s University of Hyderabad, India in 2009.

Jayada cheats on net worth

Jayada is estimated to have a value of $1 million. Her birth date was Oct. 30, 1990, in India. She is also well-known as an actress and model. Jayada has been associated with a number of renowned fashion labels like Lululemon as well as Nike. Alongside her modelling career, she’s appeared in numerous Indian films.

Jayada reports that she has one of her boyfriends, however, she isn’t revealing the name of him or his whereabouts. She graduated from an convent school in Mumbai.

Jayada is very active on social media platforms, where she regularly posts photos of herself in modeling as well as attending events. She has over one million fans on Instagram and more than 430,000 on Twitter. Jayada can also be a singer, and releases two songs: “Rewind” (2015) and “Take Me Higher” (2017).

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