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Alex Damian Santos | Biography, Age, Sexuality, Relationships, and Much More!

You may be wondering who Alex Damian Santos is, right? Why is he so Famous, you may ask? Don’t worry, we have all your answers! 

In this article, we will discuss who Alex is and how he got so famous. Also, there will be a complete biography of this celebrity kid.


Alex Damian Santos

Alex Damian Santos is a celebrity kid who got famous because of his father. His father, Romeo Santos, is a songwriter, composer, and a famous singer. 

Image source: Twitter


Romeo Santos, sounds familiar? Romeo has had a successful career in singing. This Spanish-American singer started his singing career with his cousins. They started this band named, Aventura that broke so many records. 


Alex Damian Santos Age & Date-of-Birth


Alex is 22 years old as of 2022. He was born in 2000 in the United States. When it comes to his original date of birth, no one seems to know what that is. It seems that his father has hidden this information from the internet. 


Height & Weight


Alex is 5 feet 6 inches tall. When it comes to weight, some sources have reported that he weighs 56 KGs.


Alex Damian Santos Parents


Romeo Santos, Alex’s father, is an actor, producer, songwriter and singer. Romeo was only 17 years old when Alex was born. Despite being too young when Alex was born, Romeo still took care of him like any good, responsible father would while taking care of his music career. 

Alex Damian Santos’ mother is Samantha Medina who his father left. (sort of)




Alex Damian Santos reportedly has a younger brother but the family hasn’t revealed his name yet. The younger brother is unknown to the internet. 


Alex Damian Santos has a Career?


Alex doesn’t have a career yet. He is just a student focusing on his studies. Speaking of career and study, he doesn’t work anywhere. Although, he has been seen in the covers of some famous magazines alongside his father, Romeo Santos.

It is widely known that he likes Bachata music, just like his father. So, we assume that he will be following his father’s footsteps and make a successful career in music. 


Alex Damian Santos Relationship


Since Alex is still studying, he’s not interested in any relationship (or so we’ve been told). The internet is not aware of any relationship he’s in, so we’ll assume that he’s single. (for now). 


Romeo Santos Relationship


His father’s and mother’s relationship was a secret at first. When Alex was born, Romeo was only 17. Romeo left Alex and his mother for two years. He was then raised by Romeo, when he came back after two years, as a single dad. 

Image source: Twitter


After that, Romeo had another relationship with another woman. They had another son in 2019. Now, Romeo is in another relationship with another girl whose name is still unknown. 


Alex Damian Santos Net Worth


He is just a kid yet. He is studying and doesn’t have a professional career. Since he doesn’t work yet, his net worth is his father. He doesn’t have a career and net worth of his own. 

Since his father had a successful career in music and Alex, too, likes to follow his dad, we assume that he will blow in the near future and have a successful career in the music industry. 

If we were to talk about Romeo Santos’s net worth,  he has a net worth of $30 million. Romeo was the only musician who managed to sell 50,000 tickets for a show at the Yankee Stadium. 

Romeo Santos holds another record of being the only musician who has performed twice at the Yankee Stadium. Musicians earn money not only from music but also from advertisements, ads, and promotions and Romeo Santos is no exception.


Is Alex Damian Santos Gay?


Alex Damian Santos is not gay. Since he’s not seen with lots of girls and doesn’t have a public relationship, the media is concerned about his sexuality. The boy is still studying and doesn’t have a romantic relationship. It doesn’t mean that he’s gay. He is focusing on his career. 


Alex Damian Santos Social Media


Alex is not active on social media. Unlike his father, he has little to no social media presence. He likes to be low profile and doesn’t want to share his whole life with the internet. 

On his Twitter account, he has over 600 followers and he’s not even active on Twitter as well. 

If we were to talk about his other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram, he surprisingly doesn’t have accounts there at all. 

Alex is only seen via his father, Romeo Santos’ social accounts. Romeo has a good social media presence and he posts regularly. 

Since he doesn’t have a strong social media presence, why do people want to know about him? This brings us to next question.

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Why is Alex Damian Santos So Famous?


Alex is a celebrity kid. Being born into the Santos family has made him a social media sensation. Everyone wants to know more about this kid. But why is that? These are the reason why people want to know more about Alex Damian Santos

Born into a Rich, Famous Family: Everyone who’s born into a famous and rich family catches the eye of the media. Since Alex is born into the household of Romeo Santos, a successful musician, everyone wants to know about this kid. Romeo often posts pictures of him on his social media accounts, their followers wonder who this kid is, so they want to know more about him. 

Romeo was only 17 when Alex was Born: Now, that’s one of the most interesting facts about this kid. The kid was born when his father was only 17! This caught the attention of so many people on the internet. The people want to know more about a kid born into the household of a 17 year old father. 

Alex has little no No Social Media Presence: When you want to know about someone and you can’t stalk them on social media, your curiosity arises. You get hooked by the thought of them. When he got famous due to the reasons we’ve mentioned above, people wanted to know more about Alex and lucky for him, he didn’t have active social media accounts so he couldn’t be bothered by unnecessary criticism and backlash. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Alex Damian Santos


How old is Romeo Eltos’ Son?

Romeo Eltos Santos’ son, Alex Damian Santos is 22 years old as of 2022. He was born in 2022. Romeo was only 17 years old when Alex was born. 

Who is Alex Damian Santos Mother?

Alex Damian Santos’ mother is Samantha Medina. She is Romeo Santos’ ex wife. 

How old is Romeo Santos?

Romeo will be 41 years old on July 21, 2022. His date of birth is July 21, 1981. 

Does Romeo Santos have a Child?

Romeo Santos has two children. His first son, Alex Damian Santos was born when he was only 17 years old. He had another son in 2019. 

Is Alex Damian Santos Handsome?

Alex is surely a handsome kid. He has the looks of his father, Romeo Santos. His father is also a ladies’ man. 

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