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Transform Your Toilet Into a Bidet By Installing a Bidet Converter Kit, Benefits, Types, and Much More

There may be some of you out there that think that toilet paper is the only option but what if we told you that there is something else that can clean your genitals better and also save you money at the same time?

Well, if you’re one of those people, you’re at the right place at the right time. 

In this article, we will tell you about the bidet converter kit that you can install in your bathroom to improve your hygiene and save some money as well. 

In some parts of the world, people don’t like toilet paper- at all. What they prefer is a better way to clean themselves after they use the toilet and the best thing there is to clean your genitals, is water. But wait a minute, how do we do that? A Bidet! 

Bidet, Bidet, Bidet, What is a Bidet?


What is a Bidet?

A bidet is a small bathtub-like sink that people use to clean their genitals. People usually use bidet as an alternative to toilet paper because they feel more hygienic after using the bidet as they do with toilet paper. 

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A bidet converter kit transforms your traditional bathroom so that you can clean your genitals better. It is usually installed right next to the toilet seat making it easier to reach.

According to many surveys, people have claimed that having a bidet attached to their toilet seat makes it easy for them to clean their genitals after they use the toilet. 

The survey also reported that bidet users feel more clean and hygienic when they use a bidet over toilet paper. 

Not only will this save you money by not having to buy toilet paper again but also you can clean yourself better by using water from the bidet. 

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Now, there are two ways to transform your old bathroom into a better one by having a bidet in it. One thing is by installing a bidet as a whole or, you can buy a bidet converter kit to convert your old toilet into a multi-purpose bathroom. 

But first, what are their differences? Are they the same? Is one better than the other?

Are “Bidets” and Bidet Converter Kits the Same?

Not. at. all.  

A “Bidet” is a bathtub or sink that is completely separate from the toilet unit. A bidet can be a useful addition to your bathroom but since they are expensive and take lots of space, they are not much practical for some of us. 

Also, smaller bathrooms do not have space to accommodate a separate bidet unit making them impractical. 

So, we have a small bathroom and we don’t want to spend a lot of money, what’s the solution? A Bidet Converter Kit!

Bidet Converter Kit

Most of us Americans and Brits don’t have enough space in our bathrooms to install a new bidet. We can solve this problem by investing in a bidet converter kit. 

It has all the benefits of a separate bidet. What it does is convert your traditional toilet into a bidet. This way, you can have the convenience of a bidet without actually having to install a separate, expensive one. 

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Bidet converter kits are easily customizable, enabling you to add more options for you as per your needs.

Not only that, they come with tons of customization options. Bidets have sprays attached in the middle of them from which the water comes out and washes your genitalia. The pressure and temperature can be adjusted as well.

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Installing a bidet converter kit to your old toilet is also very easy. It saves you plenty of time and leaves you open with some customization options as we just described. 

Now that we know Bidet converter kits are awesome, let’s dig deep into the benefits. 

Benefits of Using a Bidet / (Converter Kit)

There are many benefits of using a bidet in place of toilet paper. Below is the list of all the benefits that come with using a bidet. 

  • Cleanliness
  • Better Hygiene
  • Environmental friendly 
  • Saves you from several diseases
  • A good option for people with sensitive skin
  • More gentle and comfortable option than toilet paper
  • Reduced to No plumbing issues
  • More cost-efficient than toilet paper.
  • Bidet converter kit will save you space

Improved Cleanliness and Better Hygiene

Bidets have proved to be a more hygienic option than toilet paper. With toilet paper, not all of the residual is cleaned. Some of it stays on your skin which can cause serious skin issues and bacterial diseases, such as typhoid. Bidets spray your genitals with water so that all of the residual is clean making you feel more comfortable and hygienic. 

Environmental Friendly

Bidets are very environmentally friendly. With the less use of toilet paper, fewer trees are cut, and eventually, the more friendly it is for the environment. Also, toilet papers come with plastic packaging so that is also cut when you stop using toilet paper and install a bidet or bidet converter kit in your bathroom. 

Saves You From Diseases

Does it? Really? Well, the answer is yes. Hemorrhoids, sores, and typhoid are some of the most common diseases caused by poor hygiene (the culprit: toilet paper). A bidet cleans you better and saves you from these diseases. 

Excellent Choice for People With Sensitive Skin

Cleaning your genitals with pressurized water (thanks to bidets) is a softer and more comfortable way to clean yourself. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, this option is still way better than using toilet paper. And hey! Some brands have the luxury of heated seats. 

More Comfortable than Toilet Paper

Bidets are comfortable. Cleaning yourself with toilet paper can be harsh and sometimes, really uncomfortable. It can leave you with rashes. Bidets, on the other hand, are comfortable as they clean you with comfy, warm water. 

Reduced to No Plumbing Issues

With the use of excessive toilet paper, plumbing issues can arise. Or, there may be some times when you forget to flush the toilet paper in your toilet which leads to a blocked toilet pipe. By installing a bidet converter kit with your toilet, you can avoid these kinds of problems. 

Saves Space

As we know that separate bidets can take a lot of space, we suggest installing a bidet converter kit with your old, traditional toilet. This way, you can have the benefits of an actual bidet without having to compromise extra space in your bathroom. 

More Cost-Efficient than Toilet Paper

It’s really funny that the first thing that sold out in the supermarkets when Covid hit was none other than toilet paper. Next time(hopefully not), save yourself from this rush. Install a bidet or a bidet converter kit and stop worrying about running out of toilet paper that does nothing but bring you diseases and rashes.

What Comes in the Box of Bidet Converter Kit?

Now that we know a bidet converter kit might be the best option for you, it is time to unravel the box. What comes with the box when you buy a bidet converter kit, you might be asking?

Well, It is a complete package. Below is the list of components that come in the box. 

  1. A Bidet Seat
  2. A Nozzle that Sprays your genitalia with water
  3. Other useful accessories

All these components work together to make a perfect hygienic package for you. 

The Bidet Seat

The most important part of any bidet converter kit is the Bidet Seat itself. The reason why is that you will be sitting on it, so it has to be as comfy as it can get. Other than comfort, its functionality is also crucial. 

The seat is usually the first thing you install with your toilet. Next in the line is the sprayer. 

Water Sprayer

Without the sprayer, the bidet is just a toilet. Companies make sure to build sprayers in such a way that it reaches the spot and clean what it needs to. The pressure is supposed to be perfectly balanced, as all things should be. 

These two components are essential to any bidet converter kit. Other than that, good companies include some accessories to make the installation easy. 

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After the installation of the bidet kit, you will have access to the best toilet paper alternative, well if you ask us, even better than toilet paper. 

How much does a Bidet Converter Kit Cost?

If we talk about separate bidets, they are very expensive. So, we came up with a more practical, cheaper solution for you and that is a bidet converter kit. It is easy to install, inexpensive, and easily available in the market. 

To talk about the exact price, each kit costs differently from others. Separate bidets can cost you from $100 to $300 dollars depending on the features. 

Bidets kits, on the other hand, are cheaper. They can cost as low as $40. Usually, the good ones cost $100 on average. 

Do keep in mind that low-budget kits do not have extra features such as a remote or pressure regulator which you might be expecting. 

What Kind of Bidet Converter Kit is Right for You?

Many of us get stuck in the which-one-to-buy. If you’re one of those people who have a hard time figuring out what kind of bidet kit is right for you, we recommend you go with the basic one. 

The basic ones are the easiest to install and are simply elegant. You don’t even need to change any pipes that can cause serious plumbing issues.  

Electric or Non-Electric?

When it comes to electricity, we all are aware that more features are included when electricity is involved. Non-electric, on the other hand, is cheap and easy to install. So, which one can be the best for you? Let’s dive into their features and differences. 

  1. Electric Bidet kit

Electric bidets come with such features that a non-electric cannot have. These features are very useful for cleaning and hygiene. They also are more comfortable than non-electric ones. 

Features of Electric Bidet

  • Warm water
  • Heated seat
  • Feminine Wash mode
  • Rare mode
  • Hot air drying (in some)
  • Deodorizer (in some)
  • Water pressure control
  • The Nozzle is adjustable
  • Pulsating spray (in some)

The downside of having an electric bidet in your bathroom is that they are very expensive as compared to non-electric bidets. Other than that, installing them requires a lot of work and time. Since they are electric, some wire work can also be expected. 

  1. Non-Electric Bidet

In the case of non-electric bidets, they include all the spray options necessary to clean yourself. They are equipped with all the other mandatory features and attachments that one can expect a bidet kit to have. 

Why Non-Electric 

  • They are cheap
  • They are relatively easy to install
  • Water pressure is strong

Although they are cheap and easy to install, they lack a lot of features. You will rarely see a non-electric bidet offering warm water. Even though the spray pressure is strong, it can be stool strong sometimes, and usually, it is unadjustable. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bidet Converter Kits

Since we know that many of you are interested in installing a bidet or a bidet attachment in your bathroom, we figured that you might have some serious, logical questions. 

So, we went to the internet to find the most frequently asked questions about bidets and bidet attachments here’s a list of them, answered. 

Can you add a bidet to an existing toilet?

Yes, You can make your ordinary toilet into a bidet by installing a bidet attachment. It is done by buying a bidet converter kit and it is very easy to install. 

How do you turn a toilet into a bidet?

To turn your traditional toilet into a bidet, you need to install a bidet attachment to your toilet. For that, you will need a bidet converter kit which you can easily install on your toilet. 

Which bidet attachment is the best?

The best bidet attachment if you’re thinking electric is TUSHY SPA. It has all the features you need, and more. For non-electric, OMIGO Element is a good option as it is simple, has all the necessary features, and is easy to install. 

How much does it cost to add an outlet to a bidet?

Bidet outlets don’t cost a fortune. They can cost from $20 to $80 depending on the length of the wire, the ampere range, and the material such as silver or copper. We recommend you go in the middle and buy something under $40. 

How do I add an outlet to a bidet?

The cord usually comes out from the right side of the bidet, so you can reach directly to the wall. Now, if you don’t have an outlet in your bathroom right next to the bidet, you need to do a lot of work, or simply hire an electrician.

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