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6.5 Creedmoor Ballistic Chart

Hornady Precision 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition

The 6.5 CM’s metric name makes it sound colorful, yet it was truth be told created in association by Hornady and Creedmoor Sports of Nebraska and Alabama, individually. The cartridge was planned from its beginning to offer a few qualities that would advance it for significant distance sport shooting and contest, including:

Magazine length

Lighter force than 308 Win

Level direction

High ballistic coefficient

Long barrel life

Simple to handload

Reasonableness for large scale manufacturing

Beginnings of the Cartridge

The originators put together their new round with respect to the 6.5 creedmoor ammo and the 30 Thompson Center, taking the inexact projectile measurement of the previous and necking down the instance of the last option. Hornady presented the 6.5 CM in 2007. Its remarkable exactness for sure acquired it a continuing in the sport shooting world as expected. The 6.5 CM’s designers didn’t predict their cartridge becoming as famous as it has for deer hunting, in any case.

The 6.5 CM has a .264″ shot, regularly accessible in loads going from 120 to 147 grains. That by itself makes it like numerous other famous deer hunting adjusts, yet its force is discernibly less strong. Trackers like the 6.5 CM’s high ballistic coefficient, which effectively comes to .510, just as its long shot which passes on a relating high sectional thickness.

Generally, sectional thickness rates how well a projectile’s mass is disseminated to conquer opposition along that pivot. Envision a nail — high sectional thickness when its tip highlights a board, low sectional thickness in any case. The 6.5 CM’s nail-like shot’s weight is circulated so that advances profound infiltration inside delicate tissue, an essential for deadly terminal execution.

The 6.5 CM conveys altogether less projectile drop than the 308 Win starting at 500 yards, and is additionally less helpless to wind diversion.

Other 6.5 CDMR Attributes

Generally little force charge causes more slow wear of the barrel

Short-activity cartridge allows a stiffer, lighter, and quicker cycling short-activity rifle

Long case neck keeps shot outside of force space Progressively famous, many rifles and ammunition types accessible

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