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iPhone 13 Camera Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Did you know that an estimated 113 million people in the United States of America own iPhones like the iPhone 13? The iPhone changed the game when it came to the things that users could expect from a mobile phone, and it’s safe to say that the iPhone 13 camera features have upheld that tradition.

The best iPhone 13 camera tips will take your iPhone from a mobile device into a top-notch camera for action videos, portraits, and incredible long-exposure photos. It all comes down to mastering all of the iPhone 13 tips and tricks.

Luckily for you, you’ve found the perfect article to learn all about how to use iPhone 13 camera and get the most out of your mobile device. Keep reading to learn some helpful iPhone 13 camera tricks today!

Learn About ProRAW

One of the coolest features that the iPhone 13 brings to the table is the ProRAW shooting option. It’s the perfect feature for the professional or the amateur photographer or videographer that wants to capture top-notch footage no matter where they go.

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The format of the ProRAW pictures allows you to capture much more detail compared to other photo formats. Keep in mind that the files that come with these shots are quite large. You might want to consider getting some iCloud storage or a large hard drive on your iPhone 13 if you plan on capturing a lot of ProRAW shots.

If you want to enable the ProRAW setting then you’ll need to go into Settings, then to Camera, and then Formats. It will make things easier when you want to toggle between different types of photo settings.

Dive Into Photographic Styles

Another fun aspect of the iPhone 13 camera features is the wide variety of photographic styles you can use. It’s great for the iPhone user that wants to determine the style of photographs prior to snapping the shot. Think of it like editing your photos before you take them rather than after.

You’ll have four different photographic styles to choose from when it comes to iPhone 13 camera tips. Rich Contrast is a great one to try out if you’re new to these styles, as is the Vibrant option. You can also try out the Warm and Cool settings to find the one that fits your needs the best.

Toggle Night Mode

The iPhone’s Night Mode camera setting changed the game when it came to taking quality pictures at night with your smartphone. While it is great for some night settings, it can get a bit annoying depending on the image that you’re trying to capture. The good news is that you can go into settings and turn Automatic Night Mode off.

You don’t want your night shots to look as though they weren’t taken at night. You might also find that the pictures that you capture at night end up blurry due to this photographic setting on your iPhone 13, especially if there are moving objects involved.

If you want to disable the Night Mode setting on a more permanent basis then you can do so through your iPhone’s settings. Head to the Camera option and hit Preserve Settings before toggling Automatic Night Mode off. Remember to get an iphone 13 case that is conducive to taking great photographs with or without the flash on.

Use Macro Mode

Macro Mode is another neat iPhone 13 feature that you’re sure to love if you enjoy photography. The Macro Mode allows you to capture extreme detail up close and personal with whatever it is that you’re capturing with your camera. It’s a must-have feature for any nature lover to capture the finer points of Mother Nature’s raw beauty.

Don’t be afraid to try this mode with different plant life such as flowers, tree leaves, and blades of grass. You’ll be blown away at the capabilities of your iPhone 13 camera tricks. It’s also great for capturing bugs and close pictures of textiles and patterns.

Odds are that you didn’t realize that Macro Mode existed since it isn’t a preset option in your iPhone 13 camera. You’ll need to hold your camera less than 14 centimeters away from the subject of your photograph in order for Macro Mode to engage. All that is left to do after that is to snap the picture and enjoy the results.

Adjust Video Depth After Recording

The iPhone 13 also comes with a cool Cinematic Mode that allows you to capture some amazing video footage. While that’s pretty cool on its own, this feature also allows you to edit the video depth after you’re finished recording to get the perfect shot. This is a massive deal if you’re into videography since you can handle all of the post-production steps immediately from your phone.

You can also edit the areas in the video that you’d like to focus on. The end result of your video should allow you to click on white squares which are options to make the focus of the video. You can shift the focus from one subject to the next to get the desired end product.

Live Photo Long-Exposures

Another great feature when it comes to iPhone 13 camera tips is the ability to use the Live Photo feature for long-exposure photography. This is a big upgrade to consider for the nature lover that wants to capture that professional shot of the waterfall or the stream of water running down the mountainside.

It’s also a great way to capture some cool night shots of moving objects and lights. You can check out the long-exposure result of any picture that you take with your iPhone 13 on Live Photo mode.

Try These Cool iPhone 13 Camera Tips Today

The iPhone 13 is an amazing piece of technology, and the iPhone 13 camera features are what truly set it apart from the competition. Diving into the iPhone 13 camera tips is the best way to get the most value from your smartphone no matter if you’re a professional or a hobbyist with photography. These iPhone 13 camera tips and tricks will help you show off your big adventures to friends and family.

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