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So much Indian Wildlife to Discover

India has increasingly become a popular place to visit because there is so much to experience and enjoy there. It has a great geographical diversity so that people who love mountains, climbing, and snow sports can go here, people who love beaches can go there, people who want to spot an Indian giant squirrel at one of the amazing wildlife sanctuaries can be happy too. The variety of animals and nature parks makes it a great place as well for nature lovers. Hill stations offer amazing views, and exotic parks and reserves are home to a variety of fauna and flora.

Visiting one of the many national parks and sanctuaries

There are a lot of places to see wildlife, national parks, sanctuaries and reserves across the country in different locations. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and Ranthambhore Tiger Sanctuary to the north in Rajasthan, Periyar Wildlife Park also a tiger reserve to the south in the Western Ghats of Kerala, Madhya Pradesh in the centre has several including Kanha Tiger Reserve, Gir Lion Sanctuary to the west in Gujarat. If you are a bird watcher as well as wanting to see the Malabar giant squirrel you can discover hundreds of species some native to India and some migratory. Take some binoculars and a camera and you will see something that is for sure maybe even an endangered or rare species. There are around 350 mammals and more than 1200 species of birds across all the parks!

Some amazing wildlife

As well as the incredible Indian giant squirrel you might get to see the charismatic and magnificent Bengali tiger. Several of these parks are part of a conservation initiative to try and give them protected territory so they can survive. Go on an elephant or jeep safari. You might even head out on a boat safari at some of the parks, or just go for a hike. Look for the giant squirrel the peacock, the tiger, the Asiatic lion, the jaguars, the wild goats, the tailed macaque, the wild elephants or the one-horned rhino even. Whether you are an expert of some kind or just want to take a look it is certainly something you can learn a lot from, and something you will remember and enjoy.


To enjoy any of the parks or reserves it is a good idea to plan ahead well. Know what sanctuaries are in the area you are visiting, check their times, tours and so on. Some places have sites you can stay at to get a really close experience of the amazing wildlife. Imagine living in the same area as that Malabar giant squirrel or wild elephants! Planning out your visits and booking tours with experts ensures you get the most from your visit. Keep in mind that if you are not used to the summers in India, the temperatures can reach very high, so most tours are in the mornings and afternoons, and you should make sure you keep yourself protected and hydrated.

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