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Earthing Sheets: Do They Really Help Improve Your Sleep?

The hippie culture portrays an image of happiness and freedom. Hippies are often wild, happy, free, and running barefoot in the open. As fantastic as it appears for modern urban residents with hectic schedules, the lifestyle draws a lot of benefits from being close to nature. To be specific, being closer to Mother Earth. 

Being grounded, or grounding is one of those things that might be a reason for the great mood usually associated with the hippie lifestyle. Although, with proper techniques and quality earthing products, the same results can be achieved. In this article, we have discussed how earthing can be beneficial for human health, focusing on its primary benefit: improvement of sleep. 


The Use Of Earthing For The Betterment Of Health

Earthing, also known as grounding, is a technique where a human being connects with the Earth’s natural electrical energy. The Earth has its own negative charge and works just like a battery. With specialized earthing products in the market, one can come in contact with those electrical charges and can enjoy the health benefits it has to offer. 

While the simplest form of grounding can be walking barefoot on soil, with modern lifestyles and urban jungles around us, there’s not much soil left to walk around in cities. This is when people can use specialized earthing products from reputed and top-rated brands. These products are designed to connect you with the Earth’s natural electrical energy. 

And, when you connect with the planet’s electrical energy, there are several health benefits it can provide to you. The most important and effective one being improvement of sleep. 

Earthing And Sleep: How It Helps? 

According to experts, it has been established that earthing indeed help in the improvement of sleep. Several studies and research have shown that proper earthing techniques and products significantly positively impact an individual’s sleeping pattern.

According to a study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, people with symptoms of sleep disorders were made to sleep on specialized earthing sheets. These were specially designed and constructed cotton sheets with woven conductive carbon threads. The sheets were connected to a wire that was further connected to a metal rod put inside the Earth. 

The participants of the study experienced much better sleep while they were grounded. They are also said to have experienced reduced pain and stress. In today’s time, you get specialized earthing sheets which can indeed help improve sleep. Grounding basically helps in the balancing and normalization of stress hormones in the body. This works when the Earth’s negative charge enters your body when it comes in contact with your skin through the earthing sheets. 

Along with improved sleep and better sleep cycles, earthing also helps reduce hot flashes, stress, and pain. It helps reduce inflammation and enhances the body’s healing process. 

Final Thoughts 

Grounding is indeed beneficial for the human body in several ways. In the list of quality earthing products available in the market right now, earthing sheets are indeed one of the best and most effective ones. It can definitely help improve sleep and offer a range of other benefits on appropriate and consistent use.

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