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Lexi2Legit (Lexi Loves You) – Biography, Age, Relationships, Ethnicity, Body Dimensions

Lexi2Legit is an Instagram and Onlyfans model that posts explicit content and is one of the most famous internet personalities today. Let’s know more about her.

Instagram models are all over the internet and that’s not it. There’s a new wave of Onlyfans models that show more and are successfully surpassing Instagram models by storm. One of those Onlyfans models is Lexi2Legit who got popular because of the explicit content that she leaked and we’re sure you’ve already seen that.

This article is all about her looks and her personal life, so let us get right into the details.


Who is Lexi2Legit?

Lexi2Legit has been so popular thanks to her astonishing body that everyone wants to know more about her. She got popular on Instagram and Onlyfans and now enjoys more than 3 million followers on Instagram alone. 

She also has a YouTube channel in which she introduces herself to her fans. Let’s see what she has to say:

Also known as Lexi Loves You, her full name is Lexi Love. She frequently posts about her personal life on Instagram and if you want to see more of her, her Onlyfans are always there.

Lexi2Legit Internet Presence

She has multiple social media accounts that she posts from. Her main Instagram account is @lexi2legit having more than 3.5 million followers along with her Onlyfans account which she often changes because of privacy concerns.

Lexi2Legit For You Tiktok

A lot of her fans are searching for her TikTok account but she’s made it clear that she’s not on TikTok. The only accounts on TikTok posting her videos are either illegal impersonators or fan accounts.

If you follow those accounts, make sure that you’re not mistaking them for Lexi as that’s not her.

Lexi2Legit For You Tiktok
Image Source: Her Instagram

Lexi2Legit Personal Life and Details

NameLexi Love
Age20 Years 
BirthdayMay 6th, 2003
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
Height5’ 5” (165cm)
Weight125 lbs
Relationship StatusSingle
Hair ColorDark Brown
Zodiac SignTaurus

Lexi2Love Family and Parents

Instagram and Onlyfans model such as Lexi don’t like to reveal much about themselves and their family. For example, you’ll hardly know about any Onlyfans model’s family or friends. So is the case of Lexi Love.

We think that how she’s been successful in keeping her parents’ privacy is a step in the right direction and will definitely help her in the long run.

Lexi2Love Relationships and Boyfriends

Lexi has never shared any details with the her followers about her relationship status or boyfriend(s). What she does is posts her bold photos and videos and entertains her followers. In that case, it is unlikely that she may be in a relationship but we can’t be sure of that.

When it comes to her marital status, it is unlikely that an Onlyfans model who’s barely 20 can be married this early in her life.

Lexi2Legit Modeling Career

Her modeling career started with her Instagram account and then she expanded to her Onlyfans account as it pays more and attracts niche audiences quicker.

Lexi2Legit Modeling Career
Image Source: Lexi2Legit Instagram

At first, she wasn’t getting much attention but as soon as she posted her adult video and it got leaked everywhere on the internet, the model took over the internet by storm – she’s everywhere. 

Lexi2Legit Body Measurements

How does an Onlyfans model get famous? Have an amazing body and Lexi Love has all of it. Not only is she one of the best-looking models, but also has a great, loving personality and treats her followers with respect. 

She is a fitness freak and takes care of her body. Her body measurements are the following:

Height5’ 5”
Weight57 KG (125 lbs)
Measurements34 – 24 – 34

Lexi2Legit Net Worth

Onlyfans models make a lot of money and Lexi Love isn’t an exception. According to valid sources, Lexi2Legit is worth more than $500,000 and it is projected that she will break the $1 million mark in 2023 as she is growing on Onlyfans and Instagram like hell.

Lexi2Legit – Her Likes and Facts About the Wonder Lady

Lexi Love is a huge fan of swimsuits. If you open her Instagram profile, you’ll see that most of her pictures are in swimsuits, flaunting her amazing curves for her fans.

Her Onlyfans is a special one, we recommend you check it out. Apart from that, you can contact her as well as she responds to her premium fans on OF. She is fond of traveling to beautiful places especially, beaches.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lexi2Legit

How Old is Lexi2Legit?

Lexi Love is 20 years old and was born on May 6th, 2003. She celebrates her birthdays with style.

What Cup Size is Lexi2Legit?

Her cup size is 34 while her body measurements are 34-24-34. She has one of the most amazing bodies on the internet.

How Tall is Lexi2Legit?

Lexi2Legit is 5 feet 5 inches tall which is 165 cm. If you see her in real life, she might appear even taller.

Where is Lexi2Legit From?

Lexi is from California and now she travels here and there for modeling and photoshoots for her social accounts.

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