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Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituanliaotechcrunch Raises 100M

Flexiv is a Chinese AI robots company that manufactures AI-powered mechanical robots and other machines for several industries of today.

The best thing about Flexiv robots is that they are adaptive and learn from their mistakes and the data they are provided with. Flexiv’s vision is to revolutionize the robotics, AI, and machine learning industry in China and worldwide.


Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituanliaotechcrunch

Flexiv received a $100M startup fund from Meta Capital, New Hope Group, Longwood, YF Capital (Jack Ma’s), Gaorong Capital, Plug and Play’s China, and U.S. Ventures.

Now, they are the biggest and most prominent players in the robotics space. 

The investment was made in a Series B investment round which was led by Meituan. A lot of other venture capital firms and stakeholders were also present at the round. Long story short, the robotics company Flexiv received one of the company’s most important investments.

“Conventional robotic arms can safely perform tasks when there are no barriers around, but they are less capable of operating in complicated environments… Many seemingly simple tasks such as washing dishes actually require a lot of AI-based recognition and decision-making power,” Wang said in an interview with TechCrunch

Some reports suggested that Meituan Liao wasn’t the only one that invested the whole $100m, there were other companies too that participated, and the total was over $100m.

What is Flexiv?

Defines itself as “Dexterous and Intelligent,” Flexiv is innovating the world of Robots and AI-powered machines by making its Robots adapt to uncertainties and respond well to new challenges. The goal here is to automate mundane as well as expert tasks.

The company has several offices and manufacturing plants all over China, as well as in California. According to the company, two-thirds of its staff is stationed in China.

Flexiv robots use the Value of the Adaptivity model in which the Robots have to accomplish more applications. They can:

  • Adapt and do more complex tasks
  • Hand-eye coordination like humans
  • Adapt to more uncertain and open tasks and environments

The company also focuses on making the robots more cost optimized than ever. They do that by lowering the deployment cost and initial automation investment and cutting down the maintenance cost to the lowest possible number.

Flexiv Robots in Production Line

Flexiv robots and arms have also proved to be very effective in production lines. For example, they adapt to different types of equipment and workpieces. They proved to be better at efficiency, and the overall success rate was improved.

Flexiv Robots in Production Line
Image source: Flexiv

The Reason Why Flexiv Chinese AI Robots Are Famous

During the 22nd CIIF China Industrial Fair, Flexiv flexed its revolutionary product, and everyone seemed to love them. The company even managed to secure an investment of $100m.

Flexiv has started getting all this attention because the Robots it is making are remarkable. You may have seen some really advanced human-like robots, but even though Flexiv Robots do not look like humans, they still manage to outperform what is considered exceptional in today’s market.

Another reason you might see their robots everywhere is that they’re efficient, cost-effective, and adaptive to uncertain conditions, unlike traditional robots. 

Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituanliaotechcrunch’s $100 million funding has also made the company mainstream. Everyone is talking about how amazing their robots are and how they might be changing the way how the world perceives revolution and advancement, especially in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Back in 2020, the company had already manufactured over 100 robots, and even in 2022, they haven’t stopped progressing. It is just a matter of time before they get mainstream in the world of AI and robots.

Wang, Flexiv Founder, said that every country has its own competitive edge in robotics. “China’s advantage is in manufacturing, supply chains, and labor costs,” he added. 

Flexiv Further Plans With AI Robots

Flexiv intends to generate revenue by offering after-sale solutions, licensing, and selling robots.  Other than that, Flexiv will look forward to Finding partnerships and clients in various industries who will trust its developing technologies, which subsequently becomes a difficulty.

Flexiv History

Flexiv was founded by Wang Shiquan in 2016. The company aimed to build adaptive robots and make the manufacturing process less dependent on humans. For that, several algorithms were designed to make them AI-driven and adaptable to changes in the environment.

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