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Outdoor Space Enhancement For Resorts And Hotels

Today, people are tired of being confined to indoor spaces. They expect resorts and hotels to provide a well-rounded experience, which means those consumers demand certain amenities wherever they stay. In other words, if a specific venue doesn’t provide the type of experience a visitor wants, they’ll move on to another provider. Below are a few ways hotels and resorts can improve their outdoor spaces in ways that keep guests happy.


Create a Connection Between Interior and Exterior Spaces

Anyone staying at a resort or hotel looks forward to a relaxing experience. A significant part of that experience is moving seamlessly from interior spaces to patio and pool areas. The design elements should always blend to ensure the guest is comfortable moving between different areas. That’s especially important for outdoor dining areas, as most people don’t feel comfortable if the exterior space feels too disconnected. In many cases, local suppliers won’t have the desired furnishings on hand, which means buying hotel furniture online is a great alternative.

Seating, tables, canopies, and umbrellas add to the desired experience when their designs mimic the facility’s normal branding. That doesn’t mean owners should be afraid to add new, bolder elements to the exterior spaces when possible. The point here is to always create a smooth transition from one space to another.

Make Comfort and Convenience a Part of Your Plan

While large common areas are routinely seen in hotel and resort settings, those areas don’t tend to make guests comfortable. Consider breaking up some of those spaces to provide smaller, more intimate areas where guests will feel cozy, much as they would feel at home. Make sure the furnishings selected fit the mood you’re trying to create. In other words, smaller areas usually won’t have large, bulky furnishings. 

Consider Water Features

Nothing is more soothing than the sound of flowing water. Even a small water feature that’s surrounded by comfortable seating will draw guests to the area and encourage them to relax. Even guests who have to work will gladly take their computer to the space, as the water is also white noise that blocks distracting sounds. 

Water features fit in well in both patio and outdoor eating areas. Incorporate plants around the water feature and seating to further enhance the ambiance. Guests tend to gravitate toward these spaces and will look forward to using them again the next time they visit the hotel or resort. 

Cater to Your Clientele

Different facilities will require different outdoor space options. Family-oriented resorts, for example, may elect to focus on larger areas where families can enjoy a pool and other outdoor amenities and parents can still keep an eye on their children. Larger furnishings may work well in that type of setting, so consider who will use the space when designing the outdoor spaces. 

Consider the Climate

Of course, resort and hotel owners always need to consider the weather when choosing outdoor furniture. Hot, dry climates require different materials than cooler, wetter regions. Hotel furniture providers carry a variety of products designed to take on whatever the local weather throws at them. If you’ve got questions about the materials used in specific products, feel free to ask questions before making any final selections. New technology is changing the way furniture is made, so check out the newest options.

Choose a Top Hotel Furniture Provider

For the best overall results, choose your furniture provider carefully, as any furnishings you invest in should last for years before they need to be replaced. Shopping online usually provides more options, so take the time to review the available hotel furniture now.

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