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Dream IRL Face Reveal Is Finally Here!

Are you here to find out what Dream looks like in real life? His face is revealed in this article.

Having more than 30 Million YouTube followers, Dream is one of the most successful YouTubers on the planet. His videos reach all over the planet – his YouTube channel alone has more than 2.7 billion views.

Image Source: Dream YT


Yes, on his YouTube channel, Dream has fulfilled his promise of revealing his face. Read the whole article to know Dream and Dream’s story of revealing his face.

Before we talk about Dream IRL and face reveal, let’s talk about who he actually is. 

Dream – Biography

Born on August 12, 1999, Dream is an American YouTube and Twitch streamer with overall more than 42 million subscribers on all platforms combined. For a 23-year-old, it is a huge success.

One must think about why Dream is so successful and has so many viewers all over the internet. The reason why is that he plays Minecraft and streams himself playing it. Minecraft is one of the most played games.

With a huge player base of Minecraft, everyone wants to see their favorite YouTuber play their favorite game while they both have a great time.

Dream – Career

Apart from YouTube, Dream has a huge audience on Twitch too. Even though he has been around on the internet for a while (he made his YouTube account in 2013), he got really popular in 2020 when he used to peak in his famous YouTube series’ Minecraft Speedruns and Minecraft Manhunt.

Dream – Personal Life

Even though he is a very successful and famous YouTuber, not much is known about this youngster. He did reveal that his first name is “Clay” – it was 2021 when he said this. After that, there were speculations that we would see Dream irl very soon. 

He also revealed that he lives in Orlando, Florida, and now, George is moving in with the team, as revealed by Dream and George in a recent Twitter update:

Another shocking fact you might not have heard about Dream is that he is agnostic and has ADHD.

Dream IRL Face Reveal – When Is It Happening?

In a recent Twitter update, Dream said that he would reveal his face in the next video, and we would finally see our favorite YouTuber and streamer, Dream, Irl. 

He also explained in a YouTube video that he will take off his mask – the video of him revealing comes on October 3rd, 2022. The good news is that the face revealing has happened on YouTube. 

“I don’t like saying specifics… But I’d reckon that it will happen sometime between the 22nd [of September] and the 7th [October]. That would be my prediction. Any time before the 22nd [of September] is the danger zone,” said Dream in a recent stream. 

So, the guy gave us a date to reveal his face between the 22nd and the 7th, and the video finally came on his YouTube channel.

In a YouTube community post, he said that his next video will be his face revealing:

Dream IRL Face Reveal

And guys, this is Dream IRL. He has finally revealed his face today, October 3rd, 2022. You can watch the whole video of his talking to his wholesome internet family.

Dream Face Reveal Was Supposed To Happen Earlier

Yes, you read that right. Dream wanted to reveal his face in 2020, but due to Covid-19, his face reveal got delayed. 

To create tension and excitement in the community, he posted a tweet on April 1st, 2021, that he would soon reveal his face. After that, he admitted that it was an April fool prank.

From this, we can be assured that the face-reveal drama has been around for a while. Dream has been pranking around with his fans about his face reveal.

Dream – Awards

Dream has won 2 big awards in his gaming and streaming career. He was nominated for Breakout Creator in 2020 and Creator of the year in 2021. He didn’t win these awards. 

In 2020, he won the Streamy Award and The Game Awards Content Creator of the Year in 2021.

Fun Fact: Dream holds two records in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Most Subscribers for a dedicated Minecraft channel on YouTube
Still a record

Most viewed Minecraft gameplay video on YouTube
Still a record

Dream – Minecraft Speedrun Cheating Scandal

Back in October 2020, Dream used to be the King of speedruns in Minecraft. He would often stream himself speedrunning and breaking records in speedruns competitions. He would also post his submissions on for competitive awards. 

During the course of these events, Dream was put on the leaderboard in 5th position, which was a huge success for this 21-year-old guy (his age in 2020). 

On October 16, a Minecraft speedrunner accused Dream of cheating as he reported to the authorities that Dream was seeing higher drop rates than usual. On the other hand, Dream took these accusations seriously, stating that he would have no reason to cheat. 

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He also said that this type of cheating requires coding knowledge, and he has no coding knowledge at all.

In December 2020, the Minecraft Verification team responded to the report and removed Dream’s submission from their leaderboard. According to the report, Dream used modifications to increase the probability needed to score higher in the game than usual. 

Dream responded that this report was full of flaws, and even some of the speedrun’s team members we skeptical about the legitimacy of the report. Dream even called it “clickbait.”

“All moderators voted unanimously in our decision and no one is threatening to leave in protest…From everything we know that [claim] is unsubstantiated or complete hyperbole”, said Geosquare, moderator. 

You can read the full cheating scandal on Wikipedia.

Mr. Beast Released The Dream Burger

To understand how popular Dream is as a YouTuber, Mr. Beast – one of the most famous and respected YouTubers – released a limited edition Dream Burger. After this announcement, everyone wanted to see Dream IRL.

Image source: Dexerto

Final Words

After this fuss and drama about whether we will see Dream IRL or not, the YouTuber has finally put this to an end as he reveals his face today on October 3rd, 2022.

You have now finally seen Dream IRL, and you can peacefully sleep at night.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Dream look like irl?

Dream has posted a video on YouTube titled, “hi, I’m Dream” in which he had revealed his face.

Has anyone seen Dream’s face?

Yes, everyone has seen Dream IRL as he posted a video of himself revealing his face. Read this article for more info about Dream IRL. 

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